The older I get and the more I learn, the more amazed I am at the sheer depths of the nonsense women still have to put up with in this world.

And a little trip to Reddit sure isn’t helping things.

women, what is something that women experience and is seen as “normal” but is actually very wrong/shouldn’t be as accepted as it is? from AskWomen

Here’s just a small sampling – there’s plenty more where this came from.

1. Relaxing too much around guy friends being interpreted as a signal.

One time I thought I was just hanging out with a guy outside of work. When he picked me up in the parking lot of our job he had a rose in his hand. I had never even hinted that I was interested or that our hang out was a freaking date!!

The worst part is that he went in for a kiss later and I had to tell him I wasn’t interested. It was awkward.

– ohshizzit

2. Medical ignorance.

The way the medical community seems to approach childbirth.

I’ve watched documentaries etc (no kids myself) and what really struck me is how patronising everyone was to these women who are going through perhaps the worst pain of their life, and how things like LITERALLY CUTTING THEIR GENITALS are seen as no big deal.

In what situation would you ever be able to cut a penis and shrug it off as nothing?! Madness.

– AirStoned

3. The work expectations.

I know way too many women who think it’s normal to have to do most of the housework and childcare, plus the mental and emotional load of household management, even if they also have an outside job.

Also to manage their husbands as if they are children who can’t be expected to remember to make appointments or buy their own clothes or things for the children or holidays or take care of menial tasks without reminders and help.

– FranzLuciferdinand

4. The boundary push.

Men pushing boundaries without consent during s**. “Accidentally” putting it in the wrong hole. Strangling. Hitting. Abusive misogynistic language.

Pretty much every woman I know has had a man do these things out of nowhere towards them and they are supposed to accept it because it’s “kinky” or something.

And now it’s literally 15 years old girls who are dealing with this trauma because of p**n normalizing it as something boys are supposed to do to women, its completely disgusting.

– OrangeyPanda

5. Having to be polite to creepy men.

I had a guy who wouldn’t take “I’m married “ for an answer. I even showed him my ring. He stopped me in the parking lot right in front of my car and wouldn’t let me leave until I gave him two hugs and agreed to go on a date with him.

Then when I unlocked my car and tried to get in he opened the car door for me. I was terrified.

I’ve never been back to that Starbucks because I agreed to meet him there the next day at the same time.

– [deleted user]

6. Uninvited comments.

That people think they have the right to comment on how a women looks or what she is wearing.

There have been way too many times where someone feels they need to point out my “physical flaws” just because, ex. acne, dark circles under my eyes, body/ facial hair, too pale, etc.

– mermaid_with_pants

7. “Don’t say no.”

When I was growing up, a family member had a band that would play around the area and we’d try to make it every time.

I enjoyed dancing. I would dance with my cousins or family members or family friends my age.

However, I was told I couldn’t say no if someone asked me to dance and that it was rude. This included creepy old men.

I can’t tell you how many times throughout my preteens/teens I had to bear through a song with an old man pushed up against me telling me I was pretty.

– anavocadotornado

8. The constant danger.

I’m in the UK, I love running but I pretty much can’t train past a few months as when my fiancé is home at 4:30pm it’s dark, I can’t run on our old railway path when it’s dark!

It’s annoying but normal to me now, but for a man? Yep run on your own at 5pm no worries

– UnderstandingCheap57

9. Putting up with too much.

Tolerating partners who drain your energy, put you down, and don’t put in effort to your relationship and/or household because you believe what you should be doing is trying to fix them or figure out how to make them behave.

Relationships ARE work and conflict is bound to happen, but I see so many women doing all of the work all the time and blaming themselves when their men don’t get better.

– ohdearsweetlord

10. Pregnancy being treated like an illness.

I feel like if men had to go through childbirth there would be more medical advancements in the field.

Also, women’s childbirth injuries are often never treated seriously because the child is prioritized.

Many never fully recover.

– purplesky23

11. Dealing with manbabies.

Ladies it is not normal to be with someone who argues with you, never cleans up after himself and expects you to do all of the housework.

It is mind boggling to me the amount of time I see women dealing with lazy manbabies on Reddit who can’t be bothered to treat them with respect, be empathetic and understand and can empty the dishwasher and do the dishes and clean up.

– Csherman92

12. Emotional burdens.

Having to carry the emotional burdens of children more than men because we are the “sensitive” and “emotional” ones. Like please, men have just as many emotions as we do, yet women are expected to do all the emotional lifting when it comes to raising children, we are expected to handle the tantrums and soothe the crying of children.

Like no, how about the man shows his son how its okay to talk in a soft voice and let them cry in their lap, like yes please, more of that, thank you.

– prettyxxreckless

13. The image problem.

Women are over s**ualized in everyday life and in media. I remember playing video games as a kid and internalizing a lot of harmful ideas of what a woman should be because the thread of constant non stop s**ualization was everywhere. Even as a child I would be creeped on by predatory men.

When I went online, it seemed p**n was everywhere and the vast majority of it is so disgusting in its portrayal of women. We are fantasy material and our pleasure is secondary to men’s, for some reason in p**n we all must get off on being jackhammered and degraded. I don’t doubt some of that can be s**y to women in the right context (respectful safe BDSM) but how often do you see the man focusing on her after his orgasm and providing aftercare? Why is normalized that we are constantly expected to be s**ually appealing and have our entire gender portrayed so fanservice-y at all times… It’s exhausting!

– filthy_kasual

14. Let people like things.

There is NOTHING a woman can like without being made fun of (and this is especially bad for teenage girls).

I remember hearing this question for the first time and I genuinely couldn’t think of something that I would be able to like without someone mocking me

– tiredseoul

15. The intrusive pass.

In public spaces, when men put their hands on you so they can pass by. It’s common in clubs and bars, but happens elsewhere, too.

Funny thing is, a guy can’t get past you without putting his hands on your waist.

But, he can navigate a wall of men totally touch free. So creepy and intrusive …

– RasSass_01

Take all that with you, fellow dudes. We gotta do better.

What would you add to this list?

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