I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the Back to the Future trilogy.

Like, for my own safety, I don’t think I can reveal that information.

Because you might just have me committed and I can’t deal with that at the moment.

There’s a reason we obsess over certain movies, though. And that reason is, well, they’re just magic in a way that few other things can be.

What movie is simply magical to you, no matter how popular or unpopular it may be? from AskReddit

Here are just a few flicks that the people of Reddit would love to relive again and again.

1. Treasure Planet

Beautiful backgrounds, interesting character designs, seamless blend of 2D and 3D that was way ahead of its time, and a fun melding of past and futuristic.

It captured my imagination like no other film had or has since.

– Humble-Grumble

2. Galaxy Quest

In high school I was super SUPER into Star Trek: TNG and also DS9 and Voyager, and my parents took me to a con for my 16th birthday. Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, and Michael Dorn were presenting, and I had the hugest celeb crush on Frakes. It was some of the most fun I’ve ever had.

Fast forward to the year 1999, and I’ve since been to two more cons, and Galaxy Quest comes out. My parents and I see it in theatres. It was magical. I laughed myself sick and loved every minute of it, and to this day it is my favorite movie of all time.

I really appreciate the sense of love you get from the people who made it – they understand and appreciate both the fandom and the source material, and their parody was both respectful *and* a ton of fun.

– 4sleeveraincoat

3. Secondhand Lions

Cheesy and heavy-handed at times, but well-cast and heartwarming. A wonderful combination of coming-of-age and classic adventure storytelling, with a healthy dose of whimsy and wholesome life lessons. Plus, Berkeley Breathed (of Bloom County & Opus) drew the comics that adult Walter has in his studio in the intro/epilogue.

“Sometimes, the things that may or may not be true, are the things worth believing in the most. That people are basically good; that honor, courage, and virtue mean everything; that power and money, money and power mean nothing; that good always triumphs over evil; and I want you to remember this, that love… true love never dies.” – Robert Duvall as Hub

– citizenscythe

4. Stand by Me

It’s a great film. it’s such a wonderful film of childhood and friendships.

It always reminds me of my childhood and the adventures we’d go on. We never found a dead body though.

For the record this has been my favorite film of all time since it came out. I love it so much.

– Tkieron

5. Labyrinth

I think this is my favorite fantasy movie of all time. It’s just so wonderfully whimsical and the use of beautifully painted backgrounds instead of CGI just speaks to the imagination.

With the exception of the fireys which I don’t really enjoy, I love all creatures. Especially Ludo.

– Trania86

6. The Lost Boys

My older sister let me watch it when she was babysitting me when I was about 12. It immediately went in my rotation of 5 films with the Labyrinth, Neverending story, Goonies and Flight of the navigator.

Every film should have a topless mulleted man playing saxophone. That scene on the railway bridge where they drop sh** me up every time.

– Apu5

7. The Jungle Book (1967)

The hand-drawn animations still look amazing, the musical numbers are great, Kaa and Shere-Kahn are both still terrifying.

I want to be adopted by Baloo and Bagheera.

– ipakookapi

8. The Mummy (1999)

It’s silly, exciting, and romantic.

The whole movie is a smoke show, too.

Young me was like, “Ok… I need to pick my character crush: Imhotep, O’Connell, or the swarthy Medjay.”

(Long pause)

“Why not all three?”


9. Babe

It’s weird how much harder the lessons hit when you’re an adult.

Ferdinand tried hard to find a purpose on the farm. He realized that the animals who do work are not eaten, so he figured if he made himself useful he could survive.

Later, when looks through the window and sees another duck cooking, realizing that it was chance alone that spared him, his eyes are opened.

Horse: Why can’t you accept that the way things are is the way things are?

Ferdinand: Yah well “the way things are” stinks.

It didn’t matter how hard he worked or how useful he made himself, he would only ever be a duck in the eyes of the farmer. The system would never let him win. So he chooses to drop out of the whole thing.

– Rusty_Shakalford

10. Jurassic Park

I’m thirty-two years old, and every f**king time I hear that music play and Alan and Ellie see the Brachiosaurs for the first time, I’m immediately transported back to being a five year old.

There’s no movie that has better captured that feeling of sheer wonderment.

– Portarossa

11. Tangled

“I’m malicious mean and scary, my face can curdle dairy, and violence wise, my hands aren’t the cleanest but despite my evil look, my temper and my hook… I’ve also ways yearned to be a concert pianist”

– DuctapeCat

12. A League of Their Own

So many quick references to women’s struggles.

The scene where all of the wives are terrified that the telegram is for them.

The Black girl catching the baseball with her bare hand, and her confident smile where she knows the white girls missed out by excluding them.

– Kayakchica

13. The Neverending Story

Found myself watching that shit on repeat for the longest time.

t’s really good and holds great memories and a special place in my heart (but we don’t talk about the sequel…)

– tommy_facef**ker

14. The Nightmare Before Christmas

When I was a child I borrowed nightmare before christmas from the video rental store and I never heard about it before. It was the most magical, gorgeous thing I’ve seen. I was religiously renting it over and over again and I never talked to friends about it so it seemed like my little obscure discovery

When I was.a little older, but still a child, and traveling I went into a goth shop and I saw some Jack Skellington artwork. I loudly said what it was to show to the store people that I “get it”, like it was some insider reference. I was so proud but no one seemed that impressed although I thought they were my people…

Not long later I realized it was this huge thing, widely popular across the world and definitely not a reflection of my profound tastes and insights. And that every hot shop and other goth stores have the artworks as a given

It very deeply disappointed me but I still think its magical. I just feel it was taken away from me 🙁

– lillie_connolly

15. The Bill & Ted Trilogy

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter as two high school slackers who must travel through time and face Death and other obstacles to become the saviours of mankind.

It reminds me of my teenage years, of simpler times, and the fact that if two slackers can save mankind, so can I, lol.

– Karl_Hungus_Nihilist

Good picks, all around.

What movies do you find the most magical?

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