There’s a conventional bit of wisdom in Hollywood that a movie is written three times – once on the page, once on the set, once in the edit.

Of course, that’s simplifying it by a lot. There are often tons of rewrites and reshoots and reedits, so realistically, a single movie is likely written dozens of times, and in that confusion you don’t always end up with the best total product.

What movie ending ruined the whole movie for you? from AskReddit

As usual, Reddit’s got opinions.

Spoiler alerts, obviously. If you don’t want to know how one of the listed movies ends, skip that entry. You’ve been warned.

1. The Circle

Seemed to be a film warning of the dangers of sharing too much online only to do A COMPLETE 180 on the message at the end!

– leonmacdonaldrules

2. Downsizing

Great concept that could’ve been done without the forced love story.

– jalepenogrlll

3. My Sister’s Keeper

The book ending is actually pretty good, it’s entirely out of left field and renders the main story tragically pointless. It really tries to make a commentary about agency while being a pretty wild ride. It’s a good bad ending.

The movie ends like approximately 700 other Lifetime movies about a loved one with cancer. Whenever I think of this movie I get mad and start ranting because it’s such a boring, cliche bad ending. Like whoever wrote the script decided to go for the safe choice to make viewers sad in the easiest, soppiest possible fashion instead of following. The f*cking. BOOK. argh.

– mrgojirasan

4. 1408

The ending of the horror movie 1408 where he dies.

The version I saw was way creepier where he lived and they were going through the box of stuff and found the tape recording he had used while in the hotel room and they heard his daughter on the tape.

That was a d*mn good ending.

– ninjasmurf09

5. War of the Worlds

The whole family was fine in their house, and the son was there, even though he ran into a war zone, and he was wearing the same clothes…


– Ame_liorate

6. The Secret Village

Kind of a dumb film, but it had a decent build up. A reporter is sent to a village in order to investigate an odd happening in the village…

Over the years, the village had suffered repeated infections of Ergot (A fungus that grows on wheat) and while she’s there, she uncovers this twisted cult that is in the town, and it gets a neat paranormal slant to it. and as she investigates more and more the more the cult gets angry and it seems the cult is actually behind the poisonings…

And then!!!

ONLY TO FIND OUT IN THE END OF THE GOD D*MN MOVIE, NONE OF THAT SH*T EVER HAPPENED. It turns out Ergot can cause psychosis. She hallucinated ALL the stuff she was investigating. It was just a poor unfortunate village that kept getting poisoned for whatever reason.

No ghosts, no cult, f*cking nothing.

F*ck that movie.

– Endulos

7. Passengers

It could have been an amazing Sci-fi movie where Jennifer Lawrence was forced to make the same decision Starlord did.

Instead they went happily ever after.

– Lpreddit

8. Hancock

Loved the premise and seeing Hancock start as this sarcastic, alcoholic, and bitter hero who’s hated by everyone turn into an actual hero that people look up to and respect is touching.

The PR angle for a superhero movie was interesting and unique. But then all of that is ruined by the lovers’ twist and all of act 1 and 2 pretty much is thrown out. I’m fine with either the superhero PR angle or the tragic lovers angle, but they’re way too different and the latter is introduced too suddenly. Hancock really feels like 2 separate movies stitched together.

Whenever I watch it now I just turn it off after Hancock stops the bank robbers.

Perfect ending for that movie.

– thwipsandquips

9. Justice League

F*cking Superman gets resurrected and immediately beats the sh*t out of Steppenwolf.

The conflict was just gone, the heroes had no difficulty after he came in

– LordKingThing

10. Bridge to Terabithia

No one can watch that movie/read the book more than once.

Yeah I know the author wrote it to help their kid deal with death but I went into the theater as an eight year old expecting a fun fantasy movie and that is not what I got


– nightowlette99

11. I Am Legend

The original ending has him realizing that the leader of the mutants was only trying to get back the one Neville essentially kidnapped, and him realizing he himself is viewed as a monster in the eyes of the mutants.

The mutants leave him be, and he joins Anna and Ethan and they discover a human survivor camp.

You should watch “The Omega Man” or “The Last Man on Earth”. They are closer to the original story.

– AnimalDoctor88

12. Eli

Some horror movie I saw on Netflix about some sick boy whose family spends a sh*t ton of money to get him to some special doctor. The catch is the operation takes days to complete so the whole family has to live in a big house with the doctor for a bit.

So as the movie progresses Eli actually starts to get more sick and he believes the doctor is actually killing all the kids she’s supposedly helping. He learns through a girl he talks with outside the house that the last kid didn’t make it and looked about as bad as he did at the time. Sounds pretty cool right?

Turns out Eli is the son of the devil, and the girl is his sister. He ends up awakening his evil spirit and killing everyone except his mom and new sister. Kid walks out of the whole thing with demonic superpowers and a “I’m a total badass” look on his face.

Just sh*t on the whole movie for me.

– [deleted user]

13. Allegiant

I was actually tempted to break my (rented) DVD in half.

Literally everything after like the first 10 minutes was completely made up by Hollywood. The book ending is completely different and so much better.

Why does everything have to have a happy ending Hollywood? WHY?!?! Can’t we just have a good story with a fitting ending?

Edit for those who care to know, Tris dies in the book. She basically becomes queen of Chicago in the movie. I have so many questions as to why anyone thought that was even a kinda good idea for the end of a series like Divergent.

What happened to Four? Christina? Tris’s brother?


– geekygirl25

14. Yesterday

The concept had enormous potential. It was just so unique.

What if only one person knew about the Beatles?

The movie was fun and suspenseful.

And then it just fell flat when he confessed to essentially doing nothing wrong.

Just felt anti-climactic.

– GoX14

15. Titanic

Completely ridiculous a boat that size would sink.

(Yes, I’m kidding)

– post_singularity

I guess if there are any takeaways from these complaints they would be:

  1. Don’t shove romance in where it doesn’t fit
  2. Don’t dumb it down for your audience
  3. If the book already had a good ending, for the love of god leave it alone

What other movie would you add to this list and why?

Tell us in the comments.