In the mood for something funny? You’ve come to the right spot. Today we’re serving up some delicious tweets from some of the funniest ladies of Twitter.

We’re guessing you probably haven’t seen a lot of these yet. Enjoy!

15. Riveting storytelling

If you don’t take your dogs to do something fun after telling them these things that’s animal cruelty and I’m calling the police.

14. The right to remain silent

Ah, I see what you didn’t do there.

13. It’s not working out

You mean those four pushups I did last year mean nothing now?

12. Tick tock, tick tock

It would be the least weird political thing that’s happened all year.

11. No

Lady, this is my house.

10. Way too many

Yet another unrealistic expectation set by Hollywood.

9. Olive you

The tree may never throw shade, but the postman definitely is.

8. Enough is enough

Well ok then.

7. Highly rewarding

I come here all the time, I’ve got proof.

6. What a drag

Kids today have an emotional vocabulary roughly a thousand times bigger than what I grew up with.

5. Creeping in


4. Gettin’ high-drated

What, drink a fish house? No thanks.

3. Romance in the air

I’m calling it right now: weddings are gonna be over by 2050.

2. Compare and contrast

It’s almost like there are real consequences for horrible, short-sighted policy decisions.

1. In closing

Let us pray, then run for our lives.

Hope you liked that. I did. Especially the bit about liquor store loyalty. We’re not joking about that, right? Cause I could um…I could use it this year.

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