The term “Urban Legend” is defined as “a humorous or horrific story or piece of information circulated as though true, especially one purporting to involve someone vaguely related or known to the teller.”

In other words, it’s a story that gets passed around within a certain community. Maybe it starts with a kernel of truth, maybe it’s just someone making things up for fun, but it’s so compelling that it just spreads and spreads until it’s practically considered fact.

What are the creepiest urban legends from your area? from AskReddit

And listening to some of these submissions from Reddit – it’s easy to see why these stories have staying power.

1. The Slap Ghost

In a village close by, there is the story that in a specific road through the woods several guys where being slapped when they pass in a bicycle in the latte 70’s. Always at night, one of these guys was my grandfather. He was alone and was slapped and fell of his bicycle. No one was there…several people came home full of bruises and scratches from the bicycle fall after the slap in the face.

Suddenly the slaps stopped for a few years. And in the 80’s the ghost came back. One young guy was slapped in the face in same place. Funny is that the mystery was solved in that day.

It was a fkn branch from a tree. The old guys from the 70’s came home late from the old bar, completely drunk including my grandfather and without any source of light they would get hit by the branch and fall. Then the tree was trimmed and the slaps stopped until it grew again and made this 80’s guy the next victim. Lucky him he was sober and realised what hit him.

– HypressQ

2. The Boiler Room Chair

We have a chair that’s been untouched since the 1960s in our schools boiler room.

The janitor swears that a boy got locked down there by these other kids the day before summer break and died from the heat.

He claims that the chair moves and that the door handle moves like he’s still there trying to get out.

– KTsDefacement

3. The Latin Voice

It is a university urban legend here in the Philippines. There was a female college student that went to the female’s restroom. In the cubicle, she can hear a female voice. The voice is saying some Latin (I can’t remember the exact words).

Obviously the female student was frightened and hurried to go back to the classroom. She then asked her professor what was the meaning of the word she heard from the restroom.

The professor said “It means ‘look up, look up”. – eat_the_rich_07

4. The Guardians

We have 3 mysterious men in a car called The Guardians (yes that’s what we call them) along Montana highway 464.

People have told experiences where they have car trouble and three men in a car drive up and help them out. Other people talk about headlights that disappear in places where they shouldn’t disappear.

We also have a Native American in a jean jacket and jeans who materializes in front of cars before they can swerve out of the way. When the driver checks for a victim, no body is found

– ninjasoul534

5. The Haunted House

Not really creepy, but there’s one house in my hometown that is said to be haunted. There’s a tray with a golden teapot on it, and the tray has scratch marks on it. That tray has been sitting in the same location for years, remaining completely untouched, and still, to this day no one has touched it. Some of my friends insist that it’s haunted.

There’s also an urban legend about how an electrician (or someone with a similar job) fell off of a ladder while setting up one of the light in the middle school gym. His ghost is said to haunt the gym at night whenever the lights are turned off.

– FlameSamurai63

6. Little People

We have little people (like 6in tall) that live in our forests.

They stay well hidden unless you’re all by yourself and vulnerable, then they like to mess with you for fun.

– SmallTownMortician

7. The Dancing Daddy

A beggar/homeless man in Barre, VT. I’ve met him, but I can’t remember his name. He was just a rough looking 40 y/o guy that wasn’t all there, and he would dance if you gave him any money. He was usually sort of out of it, but he wasn’t drunk or anything. He may have just been mentally worn out from drugs.

People in town insisted that while he stayed on the local shelter to sleep at night, his family was actually rich. They said he pretended like he was fried, and that he knew Shakespeare and was way smart. I heard he stayed in shelters to spite his family after an argument he had with his dad 20 years before about a mysterious death in the family. I can’t remember the wack name he got, but locals feared and respected him just by his reputation. I want to say it was the dancing daddy, or something similar.

– newest_horizons

8. The Witch

There was this colonel who founded the town a couple hours south of my hometown in the 1700s. He had an affair with a young woman, and when she got pregnant he kicked her out of town and she raised their son alone for several years. When she came back and begged him for help raising their kid, he publicly declared her a witch and had her burned to death.

After she was burned and they were taking her body away, her son tried to take her body from them so she could be buried on his property. He tried to pull her corpse from them by the leg, but it snapped off due to how scorched her body was. He took the leg and said it would be buried near his home. Before he left, however, he told the colonel (his biological father) the he hoped the colonel’s memory would always be tainted by what he did to his former mistress.

After the colonel died, a tomb was erected for him, but overnight a leg-shaped stain appeared right of the face of it. People tried to remove the stain, but it wouldn’t go away. Eventually, they just replaced the stone on the tomb entirely… only for a new, identical stain to appear in the exact same spot on the new stone.

The stain is still there to this day, and it’s a big tourist attraction in the area.

– illumi-thotti

9. The Vending Machine

This isn’t an urban legend, but it might as well be.

There is this vending machine in Seattle that is filled with rare and valuable soda cans, many of which are out of production.

Nobody knows who stocks the vending machine, and the one time it needed repairs, nobody saw who took it to get repaired.

– alpaca1yps

10. The Huaka’i Pō

The Huaka’i Po, also known as the Night Marchers, are the spirits of ancient Hawaiian warriors who have been cursed to march the islands for eternity.

The night marchers are said to march in a single line, often carrying torches and weapons while chanting and playing drums.

To protect yourself, you must lie on the ground face down in respect.

Otherwise, the Night Marchers will kill you.

Or so they say…

– lixtrado

11. The Skinwalkers

I grew up in southern Utah near the four corners. In other words, skinwalker country. I have lots of creepy stories about them, both from my own experiences and the experiences of others, but chances are a lot of you guys wouldn’t believe and they probably belong to a different subreddit.

However, the creepiest thing about them, is that everyone (and I mean everyone), is scared of them. Most of the people in my town are farmers and overall pretty pragmatic people who aren’t quick to believe or make up ghost stories. And yet, whenever I would ask an adult “what are skinwalkers” growing up, the answer I always got was a very serious “we don’t talk about skinwalkers.”

Whether you believe in them or not, you have to admit that the ubiquity of that attitude in my hometown is pretty weird.

– The_Sad_PlagueDoctor

12. The Jacking Jogger

We have “de rennende rukker”, that’s Dutch for “The jacking jogger”. supposedly there is someone in our area that runs around whilst jerking off.

I think someone did get caught for something similar, but I’ll always keep my ears peaked, just in case something will come fapping towards me.

– kingkongbananakong

13. The Lynch Site

At a site in the woods where a people were supposedly lynched, there is an indention beneath the hanging tree where the people’s feet would lightly drag while hanging.

People claim that if you fill the hole in and wait overnight, they say that the swinging feet of those lynched will visibly re-drag marks in the sand.

– shootsickmoon

14. The Button Man

I live in the Vic alpine area Australia.

Being all cool and mountainous, we have plenty of people heading up into the mountains to camp. Anyways, there have been rumors about this guy known as the button man.

Pretty much people are waking up to find pictures of this man lying next to them in their tent taken with their own phone.

I wouldn’t usually believe rumors like this, considering it can it could be easily faked. But once I was out on an overnight hike with 2 friends. It was relatively late and me and one friend clearly hear human footsteps outside the tent. I call out my other friends name who was sleeping alone in another tent. We hear the footsteps sprint away from our campsite, so I get up and scan the area with my torch, finding nothing.

We then go to check on my friend, who we find sleeping  Scared out of our minds, we stay up the rest of the night just incase, but we don’t hear anything else. We didn’t find any new images on our phones in the morning, and there was no evidence that somebody had been to our campsite. But the footsteps sounded so human so It’s hard to say it was an animal.

Other than that we have had 2 campers (unrelated to me or each other) gone missing in the night on separate occasions. With their dead bodies found later out in the snow gum forests. Most likely dead from hypothermia, but it’s hard to say whether it was liked to the button man.

– ManyBirbs

15. The Mental Asylum

There’s an abandoned mental asylum near where I used to live.

People would of course say it is haunted and dare one another to go there at night. But the weird thing is, it draws people in. If you find yourself driving late at night, you might end up driving on the grounds of the asylum out of nowhere.

This happened to me and my mom once. Somehow we got off at the wrong exit, several exits from our normal exit, and wound up on the grounds of the asylum- shouldn’t even be possible (there are gates that are supposed to be closed and locked).

I remember my mom and I were freaked out, and for a second I thought I saw faces looking out from the windows of the asylum, lights flickering on and off.

We managed to find our way out through the main gate again shortly after.

– ImmaPsychoLogist

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go do something cheery as I greatly regret working on this article alone in my apartment at night.

What urban legends do you have to share?

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