While moving recently I found myself asking “How does someone as poor as me have SO MUCH STUFF?”

It’s a question that seems to always come up when you need to actually take stock of all your belongings. And I personally can’t help but shake my head at the sort of accidental and incidental collections I’ve amassed. Luckily, this Reddit thread shows me I’m not alone.

What do you own a ridiculous amount of? from AskReddit

So, who else has got more than they can handle of a certain something? Let’s find out.

1. Breathe it in.

Fragrances – about 90.

– jacobtf

2. He’s a pinball wizard!

pinball machines – Over 100.

It started with getting one that didn’t work. I didn’t know how to fix it, and once I learned it was fun. I started collecting them.

When they’re broken they’re often cheap to acquire.

– PinballHelp

3. Seasons of love.

Salt and pepper shakers.

I guess 7 pairs isn’t ridiculous for some niche collector but I am not. but where the h*ll did they all come from?

I have cows, sugar skulls, goats, I don’t need to shake that much salt and pepper.

– Meowingcreatures

4. A “serial crafter.”

Crafting supplies.

I’m a serial crafter in that I like to get really into a crafting hobby for a period of time (could be months, years, or sometimes just weeks), and then I move onto the next craft. I usually buy supplies for that hobby as though it will be a lifelong passion.

I’m also an aspirational crafter: I’ll see the potential in raw materials which “forces” me to buy said raw materials, but then I get lazy and the project never comes to fruition.

In short, I have two separate hobbies: collecting crafting supplies and crafting.

– marGEEKa

5. Cuts and clips.

Paperclips. I have a whole drawer full of them.

– theassassintherapist

6. Roll for initiative.

Polyhedral dice.

– h8red666

7. Take a tip from me.

Q tips.

My wife signed us for an Amazon household essentials subscription, and overestimated how often we bought Q tips.

A box came every month, until I pointed out that using our stock of 20,000 Q tips would take a while.

– cryptoengineer

8. You and me both, brother.

Cables. There is an unwritten law of the universe.

If you throw away a cable, you will need it within a month.

– The_Real_John_Locke

9. Tea for two…or more.

Moomin tea mugs. I have close to 60, all different.

My mother gifted me them for years in my advent calendar and she got a bit carried away…

– Potsei

10. Game on!

Steam games.

– dominiquec

11. Wait, how?

Nerf Darts (p.s i dont have any Nerf Guns)

– Red_Canadian_Jr

12. Get ready for jitters.

Coffee beans.

I won a lifetime supply of gourmet coffee beans in a contest. Several pounds arrive each month, faster than I can use them.

Some get stored in the freezer, while other bags are given to friends who can use them.

– Back2Bach

13. Paper or…?

Plastic bags from the grocery store

– penplate

14. Isn’t that the name of a movie?

Dresses. I have over 100 dresses.

All were purchased from thrift shops (and all are donated back again after I wear them a few times) but still, it’s a strange obsession.

– luisapet

15. Sounds expensive.


– _some_random_guy_lol

Obviously we don’t wanna be hoarders, but there’s nothing wrong with a minor obsession here or there.

What do YOU have way too much of?

Tell us in the comments.