I’ve wondered my entire life where the term “pet peeve” came from and it turns out all I had to do was spend 30 seconds on Wikipedia to find out.

“Peeve” derives from the word “peevish,” and started getting used in the early 20th century to mean “an annoyance.”

Then one particular dude named Frank King started running a cartoon strip in the Chicago Tribune called “Little Pet Peeves,” which explored his personal annoyance at things like back-seat drivers, rugs that bunch up under a door, and reading the text in a silent film out loud.

What irritates you way more than it should? from AskReddit

Now in the present, what are the people of Reddit’s “pet” peeves? Let’s find out.

1. So anticlimactic

When I feel a sneeze that continues to build and build and then… nothing.

– Unbrokenspirit

2. Red vs Blue

I recently bought a box of Sainsbury’s Decaf Red Label tea.

The box is blue.

This has been bothering me all week.

– Portarossa

3. Leave room for car Jesus

People parking right next to me in a nearly empty parking lot, especially when I park near the back

– MrAndMisdemeanor

4. Doesn’t make me stronger

The phrase “… it won’t kill you!”

I know that.

I still don’t want to do it.

– Taxisteco

5. Speed up

Walking behind a group of people who are walking so slow.


– Timely_Tonight_8620

6. I’m calmer than you are, dude

Being told to calm down when I’m not angry or upset.

I know people use that term as a power play to actually get you to to become upset.

– tommytster

7. Smack attack

People opening their mouth/smacking when chewing.

I can’t stand hearing other people eat.

– LamboghettiMersagna

8. Turn it down

People in public listening to music/watching videos on their phone without headphones.

No Deborah, not everyone in the break room wants to hear your sh*tty “motivational” videos while they’re just trying to relax and take their break in peace.

Same goes for Brayden with the video game videos.

– well-read-red-head

9. Scam alert

Spam calls trying to sell me an extended warranty for my car

– rburgundy69

10. YouTube poop

When someone calls you while you are on YouTube on the toilet.

Like, it stops the video, if I disconnect it they will think I’m rude, so I just have to wait until they decide to stop.

– Anaton546

11. Add a little flavor

When people say “cha cha cha” between the lines of “happy birthday”.

It’s driven me nuts since I was a child.

– SwifferSeal

12. The one-uppers

When someone always wants to one-up you!

Me: Yeah I sprained my ankle in middle school and had to use crutches for a few weeks

Them: Oh I had back surgery when I was 4 and had a back brace

– fairwaypeach

13. Car etiquette

People honking their car horns the second the light turns green.

Also tailgating someone in the far right lane.

Like just go around man, there’s 2-3 other lanes to pick from.

– smolxstrange

14. Pull on this

When dudes at work think they can pull your hair in a playful manner.

F*ck you. I’m a grown *ss woman.

Don’t touch me.

– LurkinFurJerkin

15. The SnooWoofer

The fact that I can’t change my Reddit username

– SnooWoofers4451

Those are the least adorable pets ever.

What’s your big annoyance?

Vent it out in the comments.