Everyone on the internet is constantly firing off at a million miles a second. A lot of this crossfire is just straight up untrue, which is an unfortunate reality, but watching how people respond can be quite a treat.

Like in these fifteen examples of people getting called the heck out.

15. Of all the luck

Red hair, don’t care.

14. It matters

Imagine losing a fight you started and saying to yourself “this is a good opportunity for some racism.”

13. Karma police

Look out for this.

12. The future is bright

I, too, hope to one day white balance my teeth.

11. Hate to break it

Everybody say it with me now: DON’T. GET. YOUR. NEWS. FROM. MEMES!

10. Truck you

What a weirdly verifiable lie to brag about. Have you been taking notes from the White House?

9. Identity crisis

A very strange little corner of the internet, this subreddit.

8. Getting schooled

This guy’s havin’ a little trouble keeping things on the downlow.

7. Color my perception

If this is a color photo, there’s something horribly wrong with that body of water.

6. Drink it in

In case you didn’t know, The Daily Mail is tabloid garbage.

5. Highs and lows

You’ve got an addiction problem, not a vaccine problem.

4. Going the distance

Again: do not bother with the Daily Mail.

3. History lessons

This is exactly the kind of comment that helps nobody.

2. Something’s fishy

As my dad was fond of saying when I was growing up, this passage can be found in the book of First Imaginations.

1. Alternative facts

Hey, I’m a nurse too. I mean, I just said I was, so that counts right?

As Pumba would say, “slimy yet satisfying.”

What’s the best response to something you’ve seen lately?

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