I do a lot of driving through middle America, myself. It’s quite beautiful a lot of the time. And other times…holy crap.

Suffice it to say there are certainly places I’d rather not hang out, for a variety of reasons. And more seasoned veterans of the road know that even better than I.

Truck drivers of Reddit, what city or town do you absolutely refuse to stop in? from AskReddit

On this particular thread it wasn’t just truckers who chimed in, but here are a few places that Reddit thinks you might want to say away from.

1. Arizona (just…all of it)

Our truck driver refuses to drive through the state of Arizona.

He gets a ticket every time he does.

His last ticket was for “excessively flappy mud flaps”

– KRD8503

2. Browning, Montana

My family and I like to count the stray dogs as we pass through, my personal record is 23.

– smilieashton

3. New York City, New York

My dad is currently a truck driver, he was previously a firefighter for 26 years before. He would always request west routes due to the larger cities on east coast being such a tight squeeze and not as accommodating to the large trucks.

He told me one day: “I have sent guys into and gone into building where they are completely engulfed in flames, my breathing apparatus starting to melt on my face, jacket smoking from the heat and I have never been as afraid as I am driving around downtown New York in a semi truck”.

Always made me chuckle.

– [user deleted]

4. Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Literally the worst drivers in Canada.

There is so much insurance fraud that Bramptonians pay the highest auto insurance premiums in North America.

– fritzmongroid

5. Columbus, Georgia

You’d be hard pressed to find a greater hive of scum and villainy than Columbus, Georgia.

As soon as I got out of my car the first time there I was in a fast food parking lot and this panicky crackhead comes up to me telling me that he’s got a colostemy bag that’s full and he needs to empty it to prevent a medical emergency from happening. Of course it can only be emptied by using a special wrench or something, which he accidentally left at home and needs taxi money to get there with.

When he sees the look on my face fade from skepticism to full derp he raises his s**rt to reveal an IV bag crudely taped to his chest filled with what presumably appeared to be his own urine.

– [deleted user]

6. Middlesbrough, England

For me to go South I must travel through Middlesborough.

It’s looks like a desolate, desperate city of dread. Dingy and polluted.

It’s it renowned for its prostitution and little else.

– Buk0w5k1

7. Parowan, Utah

When I was 12, I rode with my dad for a week when he was a long haul truck driver. I went in to use the bathroom at the truck stop while he was fueling. They had an anti-theft alarm protecting the hallway to the restrooms and shower, to make sure no unpaid merchandise made it in the restrooms.

So while I’m down taking a well needed s**t from the last truck stop food I ate, I hear the alarm go off. Of little consequence to me, I figure. Next I hear someone come booming in the mens room asking “Who the f**k brought merch in here?” After a couple minutes he leaves, and I’m finally able to finish up. I wash my hands, head out to the main area to see if my dad was coming in himself so he could buy me a soda or something.

Well here’s the clerk standing there, arms crossed, waiting for me. “You little f**ker, I knew it was you, hand it over!” he demands, as I walk out. I assume the deer in the headlights position, and tell him it wasn’t me, I was inside using the restroom when it went off. He calls me a f**king liar, and starts saying he wants to strip search me. Thaaaaats when my dad walked in from the diesel pumps, just in time to hear that.

That string of profanity and yelling from my father is stuff of legend to me now. Kind of like the dad in A Christmas Story. Anyway, while my dad is giving the truck stop clerk the third degree about strip searching 12 year olds, the local lot lizard, complete with facial abscesses and dilated pupils, and an outfit that didn’t leave much to the imagination, strolls out of the women’s’ room, and triggers the anti-theft alarm again.

She walks past and says hi to the clerk, who she was on a first name basis with (and probably more) and opens her purse and shows the clerk 10 packs of single serving aspirin, and another 10 packs of single condoms from the “drug store” section of the truck stop shelf and says “Oh, I paid the other guy for them” and he lets her walk out.

That’s when I got sent out to the truck by my dad. He laid into him for another 10 minutes, before coming out. I can only imagine what was said.

After that, he vowed never to stop in Parowan again. I have upheld that tradition.

– nugzalore

8. Alanreed, Texas

there is the absolute creepiest travel center.

I can’t really explain why, but I got the heebiest of jeebies from staying overnight at this little place.

Best way I can describe it is ghostly kitsch out of some psychological horror movie. Yeesh.

– 1_point_21_gigawatts

9. Carlisle, UK

Not a town, but a road.

Near Carlisle, UK, there is a horrible hairpin bend pass called Hardknott Pass…and GPS like to guide lorries up there. Which they can’t get through.

If a company is one that insists their drivers follow the GPS they will end up with either a loss, fatality and a post-death lawsuit (worst case, thankfully I don’t think it’s happened), or best-case a terrified driver, a precarious lorry and an annoyed local policeman calling you to tear you a new one…

– SongsOfDragons

10. Gallup, New Mexico

We thought, oh this is a decent-sized city, we’ll stop here for lunch.

The place was an empty, desolate concrete jungle. After driving around for fifteen minutes, we found zero open restaurants, and only saw a single pedestrian, who spat profusely.

Albuquerque was four hours away. We decided we could wait that long for lunch. That was a good decision–those were some f**king top-notch burritos.

– throwaway_lmkg

11. Macon, Georgia

I live in North Macon where it’s safe.

Trust me when i tell you, do not come here. Do not stop here. Do not look at us when as you pass us by. Just keep moving.

If for some god awful reason you have to come here, you bring a gun. I don’t care if you’re pro or anti gun, you bring a gun. If you think sh** seems sketchy, it is f**king sketchy.

We northmaconites are the nights watch. We are the Wardens of the south. We Secure, we contain, and we protect. If you go beyond our reach not even we can help you..

– DonVito1950

12. Espanola, New Mexico

the heroin capital of America.

It has 43 drug overdoses per 100,000 people as opposed to the national average of 7 — in a town of 10,000.

– UnholyTeemo

13. Rialto, California

As a freshman at UC Riverside in the 1980s, I ended up taking the wrong turn and ended up in the crappiest part of Rialto, one the crappiest towns in the greater LA basin.

I’m as suburban a white kid as there ever was and I’m lost. No GPS and all that back then and I’m getting looks from the street corners. I’m trying to figure out my way out of there, two Mexican gang bangers — straight from central casting — pull up and demand I roll down my window. I do, just a crack.

“You shouldn’t be here.”

“No, I shouldn’t.”

“This is no place for a white kid like you.”

“No, it isn’t.”

“Follow us, we’ll get you the freeway.”

And these guys lead me straight to the freeway, waved, and I was on my way.

– BetaCanum

14. Atlanta, Georgia

Dad was a truck driver most of my life. He said his least favorite town to travel through was Atlanta, GA because the drivers were the “sh**tiest in America”

He also LOOOOOOOVES Portland, Oregon. Said it was the nicest town he’s ever been through.

– ilestledisko

15. Loredo, Texas

I woke up in the middle on the night to a guy trying to jimmy his way into my truck, and two other guys trying to break into my headache rack.


– TechnoEquinox

So…stay away from Georgia, New Mexico, and Texas, just to be safe, I guess.

Where would you advice people avoid?

Tell us in the comments.