Oh boy, it’s time for some posts! Some posts with the most!

The most what, you may ask? I don’t know, I may answer! Just stuff! Laughs! Words! Enjoyment!

Why, these posts have so much most in them that I don’t think my own intro could inject any more mostly most into them, so I’m gonna stop writing it now and just get to the posts.


15. The food paradox

I doubt, therefore I am.

14. Squatch and talk

One of the greats, Hedberg.

13. Read between the lines

Nothing we can do about it now, it’s in the cards.

12. Stick with it

Repeat process for infinite stick. Stick win every time.

11. Cat got your tongue?

This feels like the opposite of all the DARE program I had to take as a kid.

10. Textbook case

Here’s hoping they don’t throw the book at him.

9. Herbicide

Hey ScienceAlert, are you alright? Do you need to talk maybe?

8. Putting on a front

Even the horse looks like he’s losing his will to live.

7. What a wonderful phrase

It just clicked for me: Timon and Pumbaa aren’t just carefree sidekicks, they’re stone cold nihilists.

6. Have your cake and pan it too

This is me pretty much every night.

5. Too expensive

I’m focused on “live” at this point, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

4. My eyes are up here

No thank you please.


3. Tea for two

Yeah, I don’t know if I would advise that.


2. Going up?

There’s no knowing where we’re going.


1. True grit

These lyrics have played in my mind over and over again.


Man. Those sure are some posts with the most. So much so that I’m full.

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