To my mind, there are certain food groups of memes, and ensuring you get all of them is part of a healthy internet diet.

One of the most important food groups is the “relatable” meme, the meme that shows you yourself through a very stupid mirror, and in the process, enlightens us all.

So get ready to look at “literally you” in these fifteen relatable memes.

15. Shampoo for my real friends

Real poo for my sham friends.

14. Hidden in plain sight

I am full on in my 30’s and this straight up gave me flashbacks.

13. Snap crackle pop

When the succ is good. (I’m so sorry.)

12. Deep cover

Nobody look, I’m working on myself.

11. Future imperfect

How could I have possibly seen this coming?

10. Big brain time

Shower me is somehow so much more confident than dry me.

9. Paws for construction

“And just leave all this ground intact? You’re out of your mind.”

8. What’s in a name?

See also: bro, buddy, pal, you there.

7. I’m cancelled

You know full well none of this is going to happen.

6. Let it flow

At a certain point, “avoiding all politics” means just avoiding anything important.

5. The chase

If you’ll just bear with me a moment we can get this done.

4. Yeet defeat

They’re super resilient, they’ll be fine. Their pride though…

3. Code switching

The workplace acceptable form of telling someone off.

2. Self-doubt

Let’s do a post-mortem on this thing that went absolutely fine.

1. Du-nu…du-nu…

Four words that have literally never proceeded anything good or even neutral.

Were those literally you? Because they were literally me. Which means that you ARE literally me. That’s just math.

What’s your favorite “food group” of memes?

Tell us in the comments.