Love is…complicated. There’s no denying that.

And probably the best place for dissecting complicated issues is a microblogging site whose very format forbids nuance. I’m talking of course about Twitter. And while the insights you get there aren’t always the most helpful, they sure can be funny.

Enjoy these fifteen relationship tweets that will ring true to just about anybody.

15. Awash with love

No two people on the planet agree on the correct way to do this.

14. The stakes are high

You’d better delete this quick if something happens to him.

13. No ease with the cheese

I mean yeah. This is the sort of thing that rightfully destroys families.

12. Buyer’s market

Calm down, nobody wants me.

11. I’m begging you please

Plot twist: Jolene was never even a threat.

10. Me and my baby

Tough in the streets, nap in the sheets.

9. The silent treatment

No matter what ya do.

8. I am the night

Wear the mask or it’s all for naught.

7. Fry do

The greatest sacrifice you can make for a loved one.

6. Coming clean

Married people are very very bad at making the case that I should ever get married, I gotta say.

5. Glasses have full

Nobody said there weren’t side benefits.

4. Drama alert

It’s the cold, hard truth.

3. Never forget

This is why I call 70% of the people I know “buddy.”

2. A jarring response

This is the way you tighten your connection.

1. Give me a break

Did you crumb?

If you’re in a love/hate relationships with your own love/hate relationship, at least you know the people of Twitter can commiserate.

What’s your biggest piece of relationship advice?

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