If you’ve ever been in any kind of romantic relationship that lasted for more than eight seconds, you will understand these memes.

If you’ve somehow been in a romantic relationship that lasted less than eight seconds, that is fascinating and I really need to hear your story.

In the meantime, let’s make with the memes.

15. Marriage story

I’ll drink to that.

14. Fear of missing out

And also of everything else.

13. Communication is key

When the only snack around here is me.

12. No small parts

Every day is fry day if you try hard enough.

11. The final showdown

I always suspected these fights might be fake.

10. Food for thought

No greater human suffering known.

9. Growing up

Anybody who says you have to stop having fun is just bitter about their own life. Don’t listen to ’em.

8. It suits me well

This is how happy Jimmy Fallon is in literally every situation.

7. Watch your language

Yeah, we’ve been talking for like a decade or so.

6. So salty

It’s a recipe for disaster.

5. Morning glory

The greatest series of six words you can utter.

4. See no evil

I’m blinded by the right.

3. Growing together

This is why couples upsize their living spaces over time.

2. Cut it out

He’s definitely never going to live this down.

1. Mixed messages

It’s the little things that make a confusing difference.

These memes should not be viewed as relationship advice. However, they should definitely be viewed. By everyone.

What’s the weirdest thing about relationships in your opinion?

Tell us in the comments.