If you’re looking for a sign, you can stop looking now. Because we’ve got fifteen of them here, and what’s more, they’re really funny.

They probably won’t help you make life decisions or whatever, but they’re solid memes, and that’s almost as good, right?

Give ’em a read and see what you think.

15. Rules are rules

And if you bring goldfish crackers you’d better have brought enough to share.

Those are the rules from funnysigns

14. Lowering the bar

Welp, there’s no complaining about that I guess.

At the bar I work at. I love it from funnysigns

13. Proving my point

Just for that, I’m not gonna not do it anymore.

Stubborn from funnysigns

12. Snake in the grass

That’s just Steve, he gets like this on Mondays, sorry about him.

[ interesting title ] from funnysigns

11. Time after time

We will, we will, escort you from the premises.

We will, we will… Think of a better title next time from funnysigns

10. The word of the Lord

“Seriously dude, it’s chill. Take care of yourself, I’m good.” – Jesus, probably

Message from god. (TGLNYC on IG) from funnysigns

9. Hard truths

Buckle up for that final line.

Keep it in yo pants from funnysigns

8. Painting a picture

Not sure this is the best recruitment strategy since you just gave them all heart attacks.

Blursed_Advertising from blursedimages

7. Bending over backward

You’re really probably not gonna like this.

Modern problems requires modern solutions from funnysigns

6. Hot tips

You’ll have a longer time to stay mad at us about it.

I don’t know if this has been posted here from funnysigns

5. Book it

Maybe a good story will warm your bones.

Are u cold? from funnysigns

4. Bursting with laughter

You may wanna sit down for this.

Explosive realization from funnysigns

3. Show me the way

Ok but where do I go then?

Heed the warning from funnysigns

2. Give it a spin

This is a load bearing stripper pole, please show some respect.

I am nice to turtles, don’t worry from funnysigns

1. Keeping up with the times

Orwell is rolling over in his grave.

Vorona Cirus from funnysigns

I think I’m getting another sign, and that is this: I have to sign off now to go look for more funny stuff.

What’s your favorite sign you’ve ever seen?

Tell us in the comments.