Everybody’s got their own little pet peeves to deal with in this world.

For example, it annoys the CRAP out of me when people just won’t stop asking me questions while I’m trying to work.

Like “What are you doing in here?” “Is that a body?” “Where are you taking all that stuff?” “How come this rag smells like chloroform?”

Like, dudes. Just give me some room to do my thing, yanno?

What irritates you way more than it should? from AskReddit

The people of Reddit get me. They’ve got their own annoyances to deal with too.

1. The bump

The little knot bump on socks that sits in front of my baby toe.

– spderweb

2. Well now I don’t wanna

Being told to do something I am already in the process of doing

– boulomai_mathein

3. Beep beeeeep

When people leave a few seconds of time left on the microwave and don’t reset it.

– ExPorkie15


Excessive loud noise.

It just makes me feel on edge.

– pixelunicorns

5. Keep it to yourself

When people talk on speaker phone in public settings.

– baskervillebabe

6. A new vibe

When the vibe in the house changes abruptly when someone else comes home.

– Warkitz

7. Easy to criticize, hard to create

People who literally do nothing but complain about everything.

– goldesss

8. Objection!

People that like to debate on every single subject.

I knew a girl who took pride in being on a debate team and would constantly argue with anyone over the smallest, dumbest things because of it.

– Cubsfan630

9. Where’d that come from?

Getting a small wound in my hand/fingers out of nowhere.

– roku_nishi

10. A way with words.

My dad will start fights with me over things he says. Just minutes ago he almost started a fight because of the order he said something in…

Context. Someone in town had been murdered. He said “turns out your brother knew him”. I said “who” and he said “brothers name”. “I said, well I guessed it was brothers name… who was murdered?”

He thought he said “brothers name” before he said “your brother.” He did not and my mom and I had to stop a fight from happening and just agree with him. The infuriating part is that it can be anything from little sh*t like that to much more important things. This is obviously an out of the ordinary circumstance involving a murder, but the potential fight was a nearly everyday thing.

– Early_or_Latte

11. Low key

As a quiet, low key person I f*cking hate being told to smile or being called “sunshine” or some other condescending nickname.

– DeadSharkEyes

12. Take a seat

I bartend. And when people take forever to pick where to sit.

There’s no reason I should care. But it drives me nuts

– sooomanyshrimp55

13. Shut up

Keeping the closet door open at night.

I’m not scared of it, it just kinda p*sses me off somehow.

– Supermurmeli76

14. I don’t know yet

My husband routinely asking me how my meal tastes before I even take a bite.

– ChicaTeeka

15. The rip off

When my headphones get stuck on a knob and then get ripped off my head when I move away

– Present_Change

Man, we gotta stop, I’m gettin’ too angry now.

What would you add to this list?

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