Sometimes you catch a glimpse of something so trashy and strange that it just sticks with you forever.

And then those things end up in a thread like this one:

What is the trashiest thing you have ever witnessed? from AskReddit

Let’s see what sordid tales the people of Reddit have to share.

1. Retail woes.

I worked retail for a while, one day we had a lady bring in a bag of clothes to return.

When she pulled them out and laid them on the counter, roaches scattered everywhere.

She acted like nothing happened.

– glum_hedgehog

2. Problem number one and two.

In the checkout line in Walmart (how many of these take place in a Walmart?) and the woman in the line next to me was checking out.

She had a toddler in her cart, maybe a year old or a little older. He was wearing a VERY sodden diaper.

All of a sudden the kid just starts peeing again. That poor diaper couldn’t soak up another drop and the new contents drained straight through the cart and onto the floor. It made an audible splashing sound.

The woman never looked around or acknowledged the incident. She continued paying for her items and left the mess for someone else to clean up.

I felt so bad for the kid.

– GoodOlRock

3. Bad teachers.

My 1st grade teacher yelled at literally everyone for no d*mn reason and made us, a bunch of 6-7 year olds cry all the time.

There was one incident involving a new student. I think it was her 3rd or 4th day here and she was pretty shy, not really talking to anyone unless talked to and all around just being pretty quiet. Then, my teacher announced that we would be doing one of those “show and tell” things, and she suddenly got super excited.

The next day we all brought in our stuff, stuffed animals, toy cars, etc., when she suddenly pulls out an opal gemstone. I doubt anyone except her knew what a gemstone was so we were all in awe and asking a lot of questions, and she just lit up happily and answered all of them with full confidence. I was feeling pretty happy and glad to see the new kid so happy and getting more comfortable within our class.

At the end of her presentation, my stupid *ss teacher stands up, clears her throat and calmly states “[Kid’s name] an opal, as you call it, is just a stupid rock that is clearly fake. I know what rocks look like, and you clearly must’ve painted it or something to make an ordinary rock look like that. Gemstones don’t exist and it was very stupid for you to bring one”

Her dumb*ss then rambles on and on and even starts making fun of her, and I felt so furious. She even started crying.

Serious, Mrs. C? You made a 6 year old kid who you don’t even know yet cry over a gemstone?? She was such horrible teacher and I hope she got fired

– Probably-a-Orangatun

4. A shoe in.

Back in the early 2000s I had a neighbor who was morbidly obese and would rarely leave his couch due to his condition. He also had two snotty little kids who liked to misbehave and trash the house.

Every morning before his wife would leave for work, she’d gather up all the shoes in the house and dump them in a giant pile next to the couch. Whenever the kids would misbehave during the day, rather than getting up off his *ss to discipline them, he’d simply wing a shoe at them from across the room. By the end of the day, the pile would be depleted.

Last I heard, both those kids are doing stints in prison.

– filthy_lucre

5. The bar hoppers.

A group of people I used to work with went out bar hopping.

The one closest to management level had to pee. She couldn’t wait the 20 yards to the next bar, found an unlocked car, pulled up her mini skirt and peed in the passenger seat.

– KnightofForestsWild

6. Mom, please.

My cousins and I went to a random girls quince ( a 15 yr olds birthday) and the girls mom was soooooo drunk.

She was on the floor with her *ss hanging out, literally her pants were below her *ss cheeks, trying to be sexy.

The poor girl was standing there with the face of embarrassment begging her to get up. Sad and trashy.

– Owlf*ck33

7. Stay trashy, everybody.

Quite literally trash.

I work at a target and I have to say, people will literally throw trash onto the ground because walking 100 feet to the nearest trash can is too inconvenient.

I have found everything from fast food, to masks, to even used baby diapers.

– Kitsune257

8. Bin it.

You know those drop off bins where you can leave clothes and household items to be donated to homeless people? A girl I went to college with would throw her trash in those things just because she thought it was funny.

There’s literally a trash bin right next to it, but she threw her trash in the donations anyway.

She would also talk about it with pride, as if it was the most hilarious prank of all time.

– RowBowBooty

9. Our special day.

While visiting Florida, my girlfriend and I went to the local Walmart.

On our way out we saw a hot pink party bus pull up and an entire wedding party exit.

They then proceeded to have the wedding ceremony in front of the store.

– meltingXsnowman

10. High and mighty.

Knew a guy who bragged about doing coke while visiting Auschwitz.

Like he talked about it like it was some bad*ss accomplishment and would bring it up anytime someone talked about traveling

– Wildhogs6531

11. Must see TV.

I don’t know if it’s trashy or just pathetic, but someone who caught her boyfriend abusing her kid, threw him out, but then let him move back in(with the kid) because the cable was in his name.

– Sea_Tracker

12. Friends stick together.

I saw a drunk 20 something pretty blonde chick once take a sh*t in a bush behind the Fresh Slice in Central City.

Her friend tried to stop people from seeing, but she was drunk too so she fell down on the sh*tter friend.

That wasn’t a great night for them I think.

– HotlineBirdman

13. Uh oh.

I saw a pregnant woman shoot up with dirty molly once, I’m not sure if that’s actually fits the definition of “trashy” but it’s something.

– Notlookingsohot

14. That’ll teach ya.

When I was about 12 my mom made me have a sleepover with her coworkers daughter.

The coworker handed her 15 year old son a carton of cigarettes and told him it better last him until next pay day.

I grew up around some shady sh*t but even my parents would have beat the sh*t out of me if they caught me smoking (which I did eventually end up doing).

– Omfgimaweirdo

15. What do you, serve food here?

Probably the old “let’s change this sh*t filled diaper on the restaurant table” move.

– endorrawitch

Ah, humans. We really outdo ourselves.

What’s something trashy you’ve witnessed?

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