We all have those dirty little secrets from our past and current jobs.

How disgusting that certain restaurant is, what an *sshole that boss is, etc.

What is something your current or past employer would NOT want the world to know about their company?

While working at HHGregg, customers were told we’d recycle their old TV’s for them. Really we just threw them in the dumpster. Can’t speak for HHGregg corporation as a whole, but at my store this was the definitely the case.

McAllister’s Famous Iced Tea is really just Lipton with a shit ton of sugar. They even have a trademark for the “Famous Iced Tea.” There website says, “We can’t give you the recipe, that’s our secret.” The secrets out, Lipton + Sugar = Trademarked Famous Iced Tea.

Check out what these 15 people had to say when AskReddit inquired about what employers don’t want the general public to know about their places of business.

VERY eye opening…


“I used to work at Claires and The Icing (same company). We got about 15 minutes of training before we were allowed to pierce kids’ ears. If people bled on the ear piercing guns, we would simply wipe them off with a tissue, and use them again on the next person. We were also never taught anything about cross-contamination and blood borne pathogens during training. I would never take my kids to get their ears pierced at the mall.

Choose a reputable body piercer and take your kids there. Some people are afraid of taking their kids to body piercers because they look sketchier than the pretty mall down the street, but body piercers will use an autoclave and most of them (if they’re any good) are trained to properly deal with blood and bodily fluids.

The person at the mall, no matter how much experience they say they have, does not have the proper tools to deal with blood. About 99% of our piercings did not draw blood, but the 1% that do are definitely not dealt with well. I tried my best when I worked there, but there’s only so much you can do when there is no equipment on hand to properly sterilize anything.”

– jrfish

2. One Big Dumpster

“The recycle bins at Seaworld also just get emptied into the dumpster. They are just there to make the visitors feel better.”

– [User Deleted]

3. They Never Specified How MUCH Spring Water…

“I worked at a beverage plant years ago that made Arizona Iced Tea, Tropicana, Nantucket Nectars, etc. There was one drink that we produced and the label said, “Made with Spring Water” and it was.

Each 600 gallon batch that we made had exactly 1 gallon of spring water poured into the tank.”

– OutofStep

4. Sanitary

“The old hotel I worked at wouldn’t change the sheets if they weren’t “dirty”.”

– Reed_Himself

5. The More You Know

“AT&T customer service has the ability to credit each call, not each customer, but each call a maximum of $250. No manager needed.

We have what is called LTV (Lifetime Value) that shows up for each customer’s account. Its a ranking of 0-5 with 5 being the best.

It determines how good of a customer you are and takes into consideration the length of time you have had the account open, number of lines, amount you spend per month on your service, number of features, etc.

If you’re a 5, customer service will bend over backwards for you to keep you.

If your a zero, you’re a new customer.

But if you’re a 1 we will cancel your account on the spot the minute you threaten to cancel since you do not make the company any money.

1’s do not even rate a retention offer to save. It’s not public knowledge, but reps see it immediately when you call in.”

– Ryche

6. Rage

“My old employer did a donation drive to “support the soldiers” back at the beginning of the Iraq war. We had 3 HUGE boxes full of all kinds of stuff: soap, shampoo, books, magazines, DVDs, the works.

When the owner found out how much it was going to cost to ship all of that overseas he said ‘f*ck that’ and divvied up everything to all his favorite employees.

I still feel a little rage when I remember that.”

– [User Deleted]

7. Donations To The Manager

“My girlfriend works at a small chain of coffee shops here, and was recently told that she had to take down the tips box. She asked why and her boss said it was because the tip box diverts money from breast cancer donations box.

The kicker? Her boss pockets the money from the donations box.”

– [User Deleted]

8. Bringing You My 5K Gold Jewelry STAT

“I worked at a jewelry repair shop where ALL repairs were done with 10k gold instead of matching the karat of the ring.”

– MCEngraver

9. High End Towels

“I worked for a high end interior designer and when they would re-do clients’ bathrooms they would get the best towels money can buy… from Wal-Mart.

My job was removing the sewn-in tags.”

– Vcampbell5

10. Black Friday “Deals”

“I used to work for Sears.

The week before our Black Friday sale, we had to mark everything in the store up.

I specifically remember marking the treadmills up an extra $500.

Then for Black Friday, we marked them back down about $200.

They were “on sale” for an extra $300 than they normally would have been.”

– wooddawg33

11. Not Exactly Environmentally Friendly

“My last restaurant didn’t have a grease removal service.

They would just wait for the sun to go down, and dump the used fryer oil in the river behind the parking lot.”

– NorthernSky

12. Define Fresh

“I worked at an Orange Julius for 4 years.

The fresh orange juice you guys pay 6 dollars for is half fresh orange juice and half concentrated orange juice.”

– tommishimmy

13. Oopsy-Baby

“I worked at an IVF lab (fertility center) in a major city in the United States.

Our center was on the medium-large end, doing about 2000 IVF cycles per year.

They wouldn’t want the public to know this: exactly what everyone fears will happen, happened. More than once.

An embryo belonging to one patient was transferred to a completely different patient’s uterus.

You hear about this in the news occasionally, but for every case that is published, there are a few that don’t go public, and they just quietly settle with the patient.”

– [User Deleted]

14. Meth Lab

“I had an internship at one of Merck’s production plants over the summer.

Six months prior, a group of chemists were discovered in one of the abandoned facilities cooking meth.

They had a pharmaceutical grade lab, hidden behind a false wall, and were churning out something like six figures weekly.

Not something you hear from their PR department.”

– tdames

15. Secret Sales Positions

“Bank of America… Tellers are all about sales. It is highly unlikely that any of the products they advise you to sign up for are good for your financial situation.

Many times they will actually be detrimental, but the position is a sales position, not just a friendly face to help you with transactions.”

– VixenSprouts

I didn’t really need a whole lot more reasons to be wary of capitalism right now, but, here we are!

What’s a company secret you’d like to share?

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