If you don’t have at least one political fight with your dad at some Thanksgiving, you’re not a grown up.

Or maybe that’s just my slightly twisted view. But the point is we all come to realize that some of the things we were taught by our parents just don’t add up over time. And Reddit is all over it:

What is that one thing your parents taught you, that later turned to be totally wrong? from AskReddit

Some of these topics / examples are pretty heavy. Others are…just facepalm.

1. Bullies

My aunt, who babysat me after school, told me this when a boy in my class bit me in the first grade. He also punched me between the shoulder blades and was given the “boys will be boys” treatment by the teacher.

My dad told me “if he does it again tell him you’re going to punch his teeth in, if he doesn’t stop punch his teeth in.”

He hit me again and I threatened to knock his teeth in, the teacher saw me do it and I got in trouble and was given detention. My aunt told my dad when he got home what had happened. Dad says to my aunt “yeah, I told her to say that. Kid sounds like a punk.”

– Camp_Express

2. Never express negative emotions

My dad told me I would get stomach ulcers and was a bad person if I was a negative. It shut me up, which is what he wanted. But I don’t think he’ll ever realize how much damage it caused.

Negative emotions are ok and perfectly normal, y’all.

– eyebrowshampoo

3. Parents always know best for their kids

“Are you telling me how to raise my kid?”

“Yes, because 1) I work for child protective services, 2) your life is a trash fire, and 3) without intervention you will make your kid’s life a trash fire too.”

– chillin1066

4. Bodily education

That I would get pregnant as soon as I had s**. Told me that as a teenager, so I was terrified I’d get pregnant every time I interacted with a penis.

Now (a decade later), I’m married and have been actually trying and it turns it out it’s not as easy as they made it sound

– emilyyy712

5. “Suffer for love”

That you have to “suffer for love” (I’m a chick).

Thanks mom, you set me up for a lifetime of trying to change narcissistic losers.

– bailey052211

6. Never trust a compliment

That ANY person who told me I was pretty was only saying that because they wanted to do bad things to me.

My entire childhood/teenage years was spent backing away from people and telling them they were wrong rather than taking the complement and saying “thank you”, which really damaged my self esteem in the long run.

Even now as a 24 year old with a husband, I still struggle with accepting compliments from people – even my husband – because I automatically think they want in my pants, which isn’t the case like 98% of the time.

– ThePaganRavenGoddess

7. Skip STEM

Math and science aren’t gonna serve a girl well.

I would had killed to have someone reared me into STEM when I was younger.

– emotionallybougie

8. Platonic friendships don’t exist

Men and women couldn’t be friends

I was raised in a weird a** religion in which almost any amount of communication with the opposite s** was seen as dating.

Regularly texting a girl? That may as well be dating.

It’s a belief that I’ve had to unlearn after moving out so that I could have normal friendships with people.

– Kicooi

9. Don’t express yourself

That crying and expressing your emotions in general is rude, over sensitive and embarrassing.

It’s not. And I hate that I still feel like a piece of s**t when I can’t hold back my tears.

Expressing your emotions is natural and healthy. Crying is a mechanism to let go of emotional distress instead of overloading your brain.

– OverlyShyEnby

10. Never trust

“Don’t trust anyone, ever” said my dad, who is retired with no friends and no social life after frequently burning bridges throughout his life.

I was about 8.

It took me almost 20 years to actually learn how to socialize and have trusting, healthy relationships with people.

– eyebrowshampoo

11. You can be anything

There are some things in life that you just will never be cut out for.

My parents told me that I will be the next president if I work towards it. My family told me I would become an astronaut one day and have millions of dollars and a mansion.

Some people think that you can do anything, but you’re not.

– LazyVaporeon

12. Skincare

When I had my first pimple they said that popping pimples gets rid of them

3 years later

I get scolded by doctor for not taking care of my skin

– PowerSleetXD_

13. The “permanent record”

If you get in trouble at school, it will go on your permanent record.

My Mom would know, she was a teacher.

Why would she lie? Turns out getting in trouble at school did not prevent me from going to college, or getting a job. I could have been a Fookin’ leGEND!

– Throwaway7219017

14. Projected self-esteem

Do I have to pick just one? Because just today my mom told me that the amount of confidence you have is a given.

As in, apparently I was born with low self esteem and there is nothing she could have done. Doesn’t matter that she has extremely low self esteem and has been projecting it on me since I was very little.

Nope that has nothing to do with it, I was just born with it apparently 🤦‍♀️

– needyeregg

15. Giraffes

(Slightly off-topic)

One of my friend’s grandfather told him that giraffes have long necks to reach over the zoo wall to eat children.

– Sandpaper_Pants

Why do we all insist on telling kids various things will kill them? We’re messed up.

What bad advice did you get from your parents?

Tell us in the comments.