I’ve always found it funny that most people who will tell you they’re “not political” will still happily tell you what laws they think ought to be and ought not to be.

If that’s not being political, I have no idea what is.

But what do we do with those thoughts? And how do we think politics will likely be shaped going forward?

What’s legal now, but probably won’t be in 10 years? from AskReddit

Reddit chimed in with a lot of suggestions. Some might be called wishful thinking, some might be a little ways off, some might serve as dire warnings. All are interesting to consider.

1. Bad pageantry.

Child/Teen pageants

– CasinoKitten

2. Child marriage.

[Child marriage is widely] legalized and supported by the parents, with a guarantee of grooming.

It’s extremely insidious and shows a culture of believing that children are possessions more than humans. Hopefully it won’t just be made illegal, but every case possible investigated thoroughly and prosecuted harshly.

That sh*t shouldn’t have been allowed past the 1800s, it’s so transparently gross.

– ThatOneHandedGuy

3. Gambling: for kids!

EA is infamous for loot boxes. and in a hearing with the UK parliament they called them “surprise mechanics” to make it sound better.

It’s essentially gambling but it slides because you’re at least guaranteed something. It’s pretty scummy

– Glongus12

4. Insider trading exceptions.

Members of Congress buying and selling stocks.

– 0LucidMoon0

5. Drug ads.

I always thought [drug commercials were] weird.

Do people actually go to their doctors to ask for a specific brand of prescription drugs because they saw it in a commercial?

– Xvexe

6. Phone spoofing.

The telemarketers and scam artists who are now able to use any phone number they want to call you, so you pick up the phone thinking it’s your local bank.

– TakeMetoLallybroch

7. The shape of things.

Gerrymandering, if there’s any justice.

– EnshaednCosplay

8. Exploitation.

Dr. Phil putting children on television to profit from their emotional problems.

– misslaylapie

9. Good luck…

Companies stealing your personal data and using it for profit.

– Mbateko_pio

10. Employees coming in sick.

The amount of sick workers I used to see when I worked at Panera is unnerving.

We had one case of flu go around the whole store for like 3 months before it was normal again.

Food places are the biggest offenders of this and they need to be held accountable.

– LeakysBrother

11. Think of the puppies.

Puppy mills, if we can come together to do what is right.

– heardbutnotseen2

12. The end of privacy?

Anonymity on the Internet.

The day we are required to use our full name on every website my soul will die.

I hope this comment ages badly.

– Yomismo28

13. Tip my cap to you.

Data caps on consumer internet and cellular plans.

– Pabl0Esc0bar

14. Behind bars.

For profit prisons with any luck…

– dylangelo

15. Treatment, not punishment.

Arresting drug addicts.

In the future it will probably be more looked into as a medical condition rather than moral failure.

– Optimal-Green9561

For most of those, all I can say is: here’s hoping.

What would you add to this list?

Tell us in the comments.