My girlfriend recently introduced me to a word that’s been filling me with nostalgia, a word I wasn’t really familiar with before: Tchotchkes.

I guess I’d heard it from time to time, but didn’t know what it meant until she told me she had “Tchotchkes” all over her apartment. Turns out it’s a yiddish word that refers to just stuff you have around your house, usually decorative or of little practical value. Made me think of all the little things I’d see around my grandparents’ house, or my place growing up.

If you were a kid (or a person) of the 80’s, you very likely had some of these Tchotchkes lyin’ around:

15. This casserole dish

Not a casserole dish. This casserole dish.

14. The Wildlife Treasury box

In case you forgot what animals are.

13. Burger King ALF puppets

Because 80’s, that’s why.

12. These sippy cups

My mouth feels dirty just looking at this picture.

11. Bracelet pens

The wave of the future?

10. A weird bricky camera

That big gel looking block is a series of flashes that could only be used once.

9.  A glassware set

With some kind of animal on them. Mandatory.

8. Goose stuff

If your house ain’t got goose stuff, you’re not livin’.

7. Phones that looked like not-phones

If you can’t add features, add style.

6. Pencil grips

At last, my pencils will have no escape from me.

5. A giant pencil sharpener

If it’s not as loud as a truck, it’s not worthy of my writing utensils.

4. Cassette tape drawers

It’s all fun and games until one of those babies gets stuck.

3. A metal lunch box

With your pop culture of choice.

2. A triangle highlighter

The infinity gauntlet of highlighting stuff.

1. Giant watch…clocks

You can’t HELP but look at the time.

Weirdly, a lot of that stuff that was near-worthless at the time could probably go for a pretty penny now. Most of it though…is still just junk. Except in our hearts.

What’s your favorite thing from the 80’s?

Tell us in the comments.