If you grew up in the 90’s, there are certain things that will just never leave your head. Little moments, little products, little trends.

Though perhaps “little” isn’t the right word, because the aura of the entire decade was ExTrEmE!

Jog your memory with these 90’s mementos. Spoiler alert: a lot of them are just different ways to chew gum, for some reason.

15. This minivan

You either had this minivan or a slight variation of it, don’t lie.

Via: Dreampictures / Getty Images

14. The “dirty Disney secrets”

Conspiracy or accident? YOU decide.

Via: Disney

13. VHS

Be kind, please rewind.

12. The Far Side

So happy that this is back and finally officially online.

11. These giant sketch pads

I was pretty sure this was gonna be all I needed to finally become an artist.

10. Grey Poupon

Still around, but not the cultural icon it once was.

Via: Kraft

9. Weird little LCD games

Impossible to see, ridiculous to play, but boy were these MINUTES of fun.

8. Doublemint gum

This was like…daring? Somehow?

Via: Wrigley’s

7. Chicken Tonight

It’s just sauce, but with a vaguely threatening aura.

Via: Ragu

6. The Walkman

Doesn’t seem like much now, but this was the beginning of portable music. A full-blown radio AND any album I could copy AVAILABLE ON THE GO? Revolutionary.

Via: Sony

5. Fanny packs

Were these always a joke or did they become one? I honestly can’t remember now.

4. Bubble Tape

Every 90’s commercial aimed at kids had to be as loud and saturated as technology would allow.

Via: Hubba Bubba

3. Bubble Beeper

I told you, we were really into innovating methods of gum delivery.

2. The Sandlot

I remember this movie as though it was something that actually happened in my real life.

Via: 20th Century Fox


For a time, it wasn’t just an extremely mediocre chain restaurant, it was the TV lineup that couldn’t be missed.

Via: ABC

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to bring the decade back by finding even more ways to sell kids gum.

What do you miss the most about the 90’s?

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