Life is a weird road, and along that road we often find ourselves taking turns we didn’t expect, or even that we swore we’d never approach.

It’s a tricky business to untangle, but Reddit tried to do just that with this post from user Deskarthus:

When did you "become the very thing you swore to destroy"? from AskReddit

So, what are the ways in which we’ve shifted to “the dark side?”

Let’s see what folks had to say.

1. Changing the game.

I make video games and 95% of my career have been on consoles.

Had to help out a team at work a few years back with a mobile game and they made me add in the bit where the pop up comes up asking you to rate the game.

I died a lot inside then.

– paulc899

2. Addiction is real.

Won the 8th grade poetry slam by writing a poem about my anger towards my grandfather for drinking and smoking himself to death.

By my 22nd birthday I was putting down 2 packs of cigarettes and a pint every day.

Now I’m 3 months sober and clean from cigs though.

– chick3nn00dlesoup

3. Why settle?

In the late 80s, early 90s, I was a typical skater/punk/metal head teen. I swore up and down I would never “settle down”. I didn’t want some 9-5 life with the house and family.

I am happily married, have a great career, and love every second of it.

There are times when I sort of wonder what my life would have been if I just kept doing what I was doing.

But I’m pretty sure I would be miserable. Screwing around and partying is fun when you are 17-23, but in my 40s.

F*ck that. I’m tired.

– sebrebc

4. Ambition for what?

I always said I hated people who were just content in their jobs and didn’t want to rise up

I love the work I do, and I want to get to the highest skill set of it- but frankly I’m not sure if I am interested in a real promotion at this point in my life.

– Un1cornW4rr10R

5. The cycles continue.

When I realized I have a lot of the same toxic/abusive patterns as my father

– azallday

6. Finding your voice.

My dad liked to do awful impressions of Disney characters that he spent way too much time teaching himself.

He told me that as a kid, he was often lonely, and did this as a way to make himself laugh.

I yelled at him when he did it.

A decade after his death, I realized that I’m constantly doing awful impressions of characters from games and cartoons I liked as a kid.

You should hear my impression of Strong Bad. No, you really shouldn’t.

– ugagradlady

7. The begrudging ladder.

My company’s director forced me to accept a promotion to management.

– ThadisJones

8. Pet peeves.

I always said I’d never be a pet person…. but we’re fostering a cat while its owner is in hospital and now its 1AM and I’m on the sofa with Buddy cuddling up to me and…. yeah…. it’s kinda cool.

– TannedCroissant

9. Age brings weariness.

Just like most other people, I thought I’d always be super laid back, always up for anything and super energetic for hours off 2-4 hours of sleep.

When I was a senior in highschool I worked a bunch of over time on top of school and still went out with my friends.

Now I work less hours, rarely have the energy to see my friends, and most of the time I feel like a grumpy old introvert.

– torc-24

10. Whose side are you on?

My entire life while growing up all I wanted to do was be a police officer. Received my bachelors in Political Science and minored in legal studies and criminal justice.

Received my masters in criminal Justice. Scored top 5 in physical and written exams at every agency I applied.

No criminal history and no previous drug use.

I was denied by every single agency.

Entered law school, applied for an internship at the DA’s Office while in law school, was denied.

Passed the bar, and applied at the District Attorney’s office as as a criminal prosecutor.

Denied even though I had criminal law experience and my courses emphasized criminal law.

Now I am a criminal defense attorney.

– BeetsBearsBattle

11. So loud!

My parents always told me the cartoons I watch where pretty ridiculous like spongebob, invader zim, pokemon and ren and stimpy.

I was gonna be the cool adult and let kids watch all the hip cartoons just like I did.

Fast foward a few years and I’m seeing my little cousins watch stuff like teen titans go, power puff girls (reboot) and loud house 24/7 and I wanna rip my hair out every time I see those.

– HappyMaskMajora

12. Plug in, tune out.

I got social media

– __Augustus_

13. Alone again, naturally.

I used to find it weird that people getting depressed over not having bf/gf and desperately looking for one. 5-6 months ago my relationship of 2.5 years ended and i am all alone.

I feel kinda lonely, and down. I feel like i need a romantic relationship but there is covid so i hardly see people.

I am not yet desperately looking for a relationship but i am heading that way

– Topsyturvymeh

14. Hard to forget.

I used to forgive people when they wronged me, but I met a person who was likely a sociopath and they gave me enough insight to know that people will INFINITELY take advantage of forgiveness..

So now I tend to just shoot people down (within reason of course).

– InfamousClown

15. Tale as old as time.

I didn’t like gay people, guess what

– Batman6904

Change isn’t always bad. Be ready to embrace it when it’s nice, and kick it to the curb when it’s showing you red flags.

Have you had an experience like this?

Tell us about it in the comments.