Admit it, we’ve all been there. We passionately declare our strong distaste for this thing or that, maybe we even come to build a portion of our personality around our opposition to it.

And then…at some point…we look down and realize, we are now a part of that system. We are now doing that thing. We have now, as Reddit user Deskarthus put it “become the very thing we swore to destroy.”

When did you "become the very thing you swore to destroy"? from AskReddit

There were a ton of great answers to these questions. We’re gonna highlight a few of the more light-hearted ones here.

1. Always be tolerant.

Drank a sh*t ton of milk when I was a kid because I believed lactose-intolerant people were wimps.

Lo and behold, I’ll sh*t my pants if I have a glass of milk nowadays.

– Noah-Izzy

2. Leggo my lego.

When I vacuumed up a lego and was like “eh”

– Disorderly_Chaos

3. You monster.

I bought crocs and a weedwacker on the same day, end me now.

– Once_An_Optimist

4. Was it smart?

I used to be anti smartphone.

Now if it’s not by my side I go crazy.

– Hitaki_Rider

5. The progression.

A few years ago I would say “yo” ironically to make fun of people who said “yo.”

Now I start almost every conversation with “yo dude”

– Electro313

6. So it begins.

2 years ago, i put down new grass in the small part of the frontyard that i own.

i sat down, picked up a book and and read a bit in the garden.

when i looked up my nephew from next door was rolling across my freshly layed down patch of grass.

i told him to “get of my lawn”.

i was 26. age happens faster than you think

– Ov3rdose_EvE

7. Spoil sport.

The day I told my daughter she cant have ice cream for breakfast

– godd*mnraccoons

8. The spice of life.

My parents are African and they always made the food so f*cking spicy when I was a kid.

Now, I’m like this meal needs more cayenne and scotch bonnets.

– The_Specialist_says

9. In a snap.

I installed snapchat.

– Viochrome

10. Just embrace it.

I vehemently insisted that leggings weren’t pants and should only be worn with dresses or skirts.

Ten years, one baby, and one pandemic later? Sure, they’re pants.

They’re practically formalwear at this point.

– KatP*ss_NeverCleen

11. Egg me on.

I used to hate poached eggs and eggs benedict.

Boy, was I an idiot

– [user deleted]

12. Friggin’ weeb.

I used to hate the concept of anime. (Even though I didn’t realize Pokemon was one)

Now I read manga like nobody’s business and spend my Sunday evenings doing nothing but watching the newest seasonal episodes.

– Arcinbiblo12

13. Shocking confessions!

I used to refuse to use emojis. I now love certain emojis.

– Apeiro_phobiac

14. A hairy situation.

Growing a beard.

I shave again next time Bitcoin hits a new ATH ($41969).

It might be a few years.

– Essexal

15. Honestly…

About every other day I do something hypocritical.

Humans be humans.

– [user deleted]

It’s ok for tastes to change. If you’re never changing, you’re never growing.

When did you become or embrace the thing you hated?

Tell us in the comments.