I’m not sure if you knew this or not, but people on the internet lie. Kind of a lot. Lucky for us, there are plenty of recorded instances of the great clapbacks that follow.

Enjoy these fifteen times people got called on their crap.

15. Apples and oranges

We’ve reached the point where just saying the name of literally any chemical is enough to scare people.

14. Mask up

We’ve really discovered this year who can’t handle the challenge of a light piece of fabric on their face.

13. Check it

It’s weird how people who seem the most diehard about preserving America’s legacy don’t seem to know much about it.

12. Who’s on first?

“Eventually half of us forced the other half to stop doing something horrible” isn’t the blue ribbon you might imagine it to be.

11. I have no words

How do you think communication works, my guy?

10. Fired up

Non-scientists telling scientists to go learn science is the best/worst thing.

9. Georgetowncounty

We’re like spoiled little kids.

8. By the numbers

Why are people so dead set against…yanno, medicine?

7. Marvel at it

All of this.

6. Nope

I guess you had to be there.

5. I have the vapors

Don’t drink or inhale hydrogen peroxide, no matter what your weird facebook aunt says.

4. Skin deep

Yeah that would be a really weird record. She’s gorgeous, though.

3. Fool me once

“…then what do I keep getting?”

2. Check yourself

Why are you like this?

1. Honest Abe

It’s not even a good photoshop job, bruh.

Believe it or not, facts still matter. Try to know ’em before you speak.

What’s a great response you’ve seen online lately?

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