Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re just thinking “why is this person talking to me and when will they stop?”

Reddit certainly has. I mean, holy crap, just look at this:

What’s the most fucked up thing someone has told you about themselves after barely getting to know them? from AskReddit

A lot of these stories are pretty disturbing, so, proceed at your own risk.

1. The worst depths of the closet

In third year university, heading home from a late night of studying for midterms, i met a kid crying in one of the stairwells of the university centre.

I asked him if he was alright and sat down with him, he was a foreign student, his english wasn’t strong, but he said his life was over, family was going to disown him, he had nowhere to go, etc.

So i asked some more questions and then he came out and said he thinks he’s gay, and his parents are from a conservative culture which says it’s NOT Ok, he doesn’t know anyone here other than a few ultra conservative foreign students from his country, and he felt like there was nothing he could do, nowhere he could go, all that.. I felt so bad for the guy, he asked if he could hug me, which was a bit awkward, but i said ya and held him for a bit.

Then we spoke for another like 30 mins and i told him all about the free counselling options at the school, and how nice and understanding they were for my mental issues, told him that his sexuality wasn’t as rare as he thought, and there were plenty of gay people at the school, some of whom felt just like him. I gave him a business card for the councillor i was seeing, gave him my number if he wanted to talk, and headed out.

He called me to talk and meet up on campus and thank me a few weeks later, and then i never saw him again.

Hope the dude’s found comfort in his skin and a happy life in canada.

– avanross

2. The troubled adventurer

I’m a female, and I met a girl at A local coffee joint. There were regulars coming there for months. So we chatted casually..

But one day I was going to drive to see friends 3 hours away for a fun filled weekend. She said it sounded fun and I don’t know why but I invited her. She said yes and I picked her up the next day. Mind you, we were both around 19.

Well it was a three hour journey of hearing her life stories. She told me she was bulimic and used to hide jars of vomit under her bed from her parents so she wouldn’t get in trouble. She ran away and left them there.

Then I heard about an Amtrak ride she took when running away that was three days long. She met an older couple on there and spent the three days doing drugs and having threesomes with them. I’m sure there was more but those things stuck with me.

She ended up getting pregnant by another guy at the coffee joint who she constantly told everyone how big his d**k was. I never saw her after that.

Naive 19yo me just sat there driving and thinking, holy f**k. Me now is still thinking holy f**k to be honest. I hope she’s ok. 19 year old me had no idea how to support her.

– milf_2sugars

3. The self-aware addict

Moved to a neighborhood not to long ago first person I meet was a older woman in her 50s.

She told me all about her drug use and how sometimes she ends up outside naked and asked if I would help her back inside and put clothes on her.

This was all in 5 minutes of saying hello.

– Horribleheadaches

4. “I’m just here to work”

Used to work at a ski resort and was working in a different area than I normally work.

Well this lady who I was working with found out I was slightly acquainted with her fiance and proceeded to tell me all about how his family hates her and is mean to her and all about his substance abuse issues.

I don’t remember all the details because it was a few years ago but she unloaded on me with every issue of her relationship and I’m like I’m just here to work. I didn’t really even know her fiance. I avoided that lady after that.

– beau8888

5. The weekend warrior

My favorite ever was some stranger outside a bar.

Seemed normal enough until she said “My husband and I used to do meth, but we don’t anymore.”

I applauded her on this and then she followed up with “Yeah, now we only have meth weekends.”

– FaintCommand

6. The ghost whisperer

Worked in a catalogue store and sold a middle aged lady a dictaphone after she sheepishly asked me if there was something she could use to record people without them knowing. It was weird, but who am I to judge, I just work the tills and suggest the items. However she then decides to tell me she needs it, because she’s being bullied or harassed in her home. So she buys the dictaphone and I think nothing of it.

On my next shift, she is back in and demanding to speak to me about the device. First words out her mouth are “should there already be voices on it”. I was kind of weirded out and surprised to hear that the device had already been used.

But then she leans across the counter and suddenly begins telling me (in whisper tone) that she is being attacked by spirits in her home and she needs proof. She plays the dictaphone without being prompted to do so. Anyway there’s nothing ghostly on it, just some mundane household sounds and eastenders (a british soap opera).

She became quite fond of me, came in repeatedly to tell me about the ghosts, but it just seemed so crazy that within like two shifts she had unloaded all her delusions. She even asked to know where I had went after moving away. My old colleagues obviously didn’t tell her. She was a harmless lady, just a bit odd.

– conorb_93

7. Well that escalated quickly…

Hired an older plumber (in his 60s) at the company I worked at when I was an apprentice and I got put with him during his first week.

Within 10 minutes of meeting him the small talk topic of his choice was that his mail order Thai wife had died a few months ago and that he’s been plowing through prostitutes and he recommends hiring a Cambodian woman as they are by far the best in bed.

– Slignig

8. The kink master

We were 17, first year of uni, and I had known the guy for a week or two tops.

Out of f**king nowhere, he tells me he had a kink for getting farted in the face by girls. I p**sed myself laughing and we became good friends for a while.

– I_hate_traveling

9. The massage enthusiast

At a work Christmas party, it was mentioned we were going to Vancouver for a meeting next month.

New guy is so excited he’s losing his mind. He proceeded to tell us about how they have the best massage (happy ending kind) parlours. He went on and on about how great they were last time he went, he also told us about etiquette and what to expect.

He was married with three kids, and all I could think of, is what kinda s**t is he not telling me if he is this open about this

– emotionalsupporttank

10. The listener

A friend of a friend of mine and I were sleeping on some couches after a party and we got to talking. More so her than me, I’m definitely a better listener than talker. She confided in me that she watched her boyfriend (might have been fiance?) pull a gun and shoot himself in the head in front of her.

She also told me how she and her best friend of years, someone I knew for a very short time, and her had been urban exploring on a smoke stack catwalk in an abandoned paper mill and she watched her friend miss a step and fall to her death.

She wasn’t making these things up either, the next day I mentioned to our mutual friend that she had opened up to me about this stuff and he confirmed it was sadly true about the boyfriend committing suicide. The accidental death I had known about through the news, I didn’t know she was the person with her though.

Poor girl witnessed the loss of two very important people to her and at the time she was only 19-20 when she told me this. I hope talking to a near stranger helped though, even if all I did was listen.

– mrdotkom

11. The realities of addiction

When I was in rehab, my roommate whom was only 18 told me that she had been stripping and selling herself since she was 11 to get her dope. And that you can “connect the dots” of the abscess scars on her arm. She’d continually shoot up in a spot till she got an abscess and then she’d just cut it out of her arm herself.

Being an ex-heroin addict myself, abscesses weren’t anything new but the fact that this tiny little 18 year old girl (she couldn’t have weighed more than 90 pounds,) had nine abscess scars on just one arm, I just couldn’t even wrap my head around that.

You hear some of the worst f**king stories ever in rehab (and I’ve been to ten during my entire addiction) but this was one of the worst I had ever heard. Especially because she was so nice and had such an innocent way about her. It was heartbreaking.

– buttononmyback

12. The baggage of grief

I started working at a flower shop as a delivery driver and on the very first day of training the woman I was paired with proceeded to tell me all about how she was still processing her parents’ deaths. Went into great detail, explained the stresses of funeral arrangements and how she had to dress her mother for the viewing because her siblings weren’t able to handle it. Even told me about a text message she believes she had gotten from her mother after she passed.

I did my best to be sympathetic but we were out on a 4 hour delivery drive and she definitely took the opportunity of a captive audience to dump a serious amount of baggage. At a certain point I just didn’t know what to say anymore.

– redradbot

13. The frightening smile

I met a guy once at work, we talked for about 5 minutes and he was suspiciously way too nice.

After a few minutes later and just to give me “context”, he told me he had attempted suicide several times and that he could be violent sometimes.

We kept talking like it was nothing for like 15 more minutes. During al the conversation he never stopped smiling

– TotalCardiologist793

14. Monsters, Inc

I grew up somewhere that gets very cold and dark in the winter months. In my mid 20’s I worked for a medium sized local bank that had bought an even smaller bank.

Right before close, during a snow storm, a woman came in with really old financial documents that smelled of mildew. She claimed her husband had accounts with the current bank and that she needed all the money out and close accounts.

Problem was the paperwork she had was not for either of the banks described and her husband was not in the system.

Then she proceeded to tell us how her husband had died after being attacked by a werewolf who was actually her husband’s brother. And that her husband was also a werewolf. She claimed she needed the money for protection.

After muttering a little more and randomly walking around the lobby agitated, she left.

Luckily my manager was really cool and dealt with talking with her and I was a bystander but it was still a very weird thing to hear especially under the circumstances.

Gave bad vibes for sure.

– Ortuatra

15. The sadist

Dude got hired at my job and within the hour, not only was he saying massively homophobic and racist s**t, he also told a story.

A story about how, at his second job the day before, his coworker got his hand caught in a machine. This dude absolutely delighted in telling us that, not only did he openly laugh in his face while the dude sat there sobbing in pain with a missing hand, he also kept telling the guy that he was going to be in debt for the rest of his life because no one’s going to pay for the accident, his wife is going to leave him, he was going to lose his job, etc.

Basically whatever he could say to make this dudes awful day even worse. And he got glee out of it!

The second he finished that story I told him to gtfo and never come back (i was M.O.D) because what the actual f**k

– D**dosinthesky

What can I say but yikes.

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