There are ok dates, then there are bad dates, then there are “could someone please send in the SWAT team to rescue me” dates where you just gotta leave.

Like the one Reddit user @PorridgeBeforeBed described:

What made you walk out of a date? from AskMen

Thousands more guys followed with disaster date stories of their own.

Here are just a few:

1. I do not see this working out.

I’m a white man with light blue eyes and went on a date with my friends sister in law.

She commented that I have beautiful eyes and then followed it up with “I guess I’ve always agreed with Nazis about eye color”

Ok, weird, but let’s chalk that up to first date jitters.

She then goes on to talk about how she has always had respect for the Nazis and their ambition, and in fact “was a Nazi in my past life.”

That was more than enough for me to get the best worst date story of all my friends.

– butternuts24

2. That’s the magic nope word.

She casually referred to our waitress as the N word. I said nothing, stood up and left.

Plenty of catches in good ol PA but she was not one of them.

– fat_drunk_and_sassy

3. What a grande disaster.

Took a gal to Starbucks, bought us both a drink so we could sit and talk. About 5 minutes into it she takes a phone call from a co-worker, puts it on speakerphone and begins to savagely sh*t talk everyone the two work with. On speakerphone, in a small semi busy Starbucks, both parties cussing up a storm.

The barista at the counter ask her to take the call off speaker as people were trying to study (they were) and she proceeds to argue with the barista about how she can’t take it off speakerphone, blah blah blah. I instantly got up and apologized to the barista on my way out of the store. Didn’t message her, didn’t hear from her.

– SmokenCrow

4. All work and no play.

She just kept talking about work endlessly. I Tried to change topics by asking if she had any hobbies. Nope. just ranted about how work wouldn’t let her pursue any. Would just keep on talking about herself, how tired she was because of work, and basically made it seem like she was doing me a favour by coming out on this date, when she could have worked.

She did not even ask me any questions. Every now and then would check her phone and would nod in ‘hmm’ and ‘yeah pretty much’. I made up an excuse, and left.

– TonyStark39

5. Drink to your health.

She was pregnant—which actually I was totally ok with. Ladies growing babies need social lives too.

But then she had a cider. Ok, I’ll be open minded. Some doctors say you can have a glass of wine right?

Then she had a whiskey.

Then she lit a cigarette.

Then I left.

– mydogisincharge

6. Oh, the lack of memories.

back in college i was going on a date with this girl she wanted me to meet her at her sorority house when I got off work around 8.

i go there she is blackout drunk on a couch and wanted to “cuddle”…i hadn’t had anything to drink so i just left. the next day she asked me why I never showed up…

we didn’t talk anymore.

– jacobwebb57

7. Way too soon.

It was in my second date with the girl. She invited me to the movies. When we were waiting for the movie to start she reads a message in her phone, and with a beautiful smile tells me “my parents are joining us for the movie, I want to introduce you. Maybe they will invite you to Christmas”

It was August

In a f*cking second dat

Then I told her that I was not interested on meeting her parents and that I was going home.

– Elliotwannabe

8. Applying the lemon law.

I was set up by an aunt of hers because (I think) I danced with old ladies at a wedding and her aunt must have thought I was nice.

Anyways, girl really didn’t seem interested in being there. I told her she didn’t owe me anything and she shouldn’t feel obligated to be here.

I then explained lemon laws and applied it to dating. We paid for our own drinks and left without issue.

– 1n1billionAZNsay

9. Taking the high road.

Drove from michigan to ohio, about 45 minutes, to meet up with this girl.

We meet at a restaurant and before going in she asks if we can smoke some weed. Me being me, I said of course.

We start driving around and smoking a blunt and this chick tells me shes drunk. So some chick I just met is driving me around drunk, while we smoke weed. I love a girl that breaks the law but not like this.

I definitely should have left then but I drove 45 minutes so I’m gonna eat.

So we go back to the restaurant and we sit down and order drinks. When we go to order our food, she screams WHAT at the top of her lungs for reasons unknown.

When the food arrives, she eats the food so ferociously that sour cream gets all over her hair.

After we finish eating, this chick tells me I gotta support her if we get together and was asking how much I make and saying she needs someone to make double her salary.

I got up and left. She messaged me for the next 24 hours and was tryna win me back with promises of sex. I told her i had my hand and hes not a drunk.

– dakota6963

10. I don’t dig it.

We had a very polite, very attentive African american waitress, and this girl was dropping racist digs every time she would leave the table, so I just told her she was kind of a piece of shit, so I paid the bill and left

– gabriel_tiny_toes

11. That’s not what “joke” means.

Went on a date with a dude. Started nice, a trivia night at a local pub. I felt like we hit it off.

We decided to wander downtown around 11pm, just talking, and while waiting to cross Main Street he decides to shove me HARD into the road, and catch my shoulder at the last minute to pull me back and say “saved your life haha”

Main Street in my city is 4 lanes of one-way traffic, and there were cars incoming. If he hadn’t actually caught and hauled me back, I 100% would have tumbled headfirst into traffic and likely died then and there.

I was livid, and shocked, and he acted like he did nothing wrong. When I tried to press he acted annoyed that I “couldn’t take a joke”

F*cking psycho.

I headed back to my car and he tailed along like he was planning on going home with me. F*ck that.

– daitoshi

12. SHOULD have been?

What didn’t make me walk out of a date but should have. On a date with a super hot girl. She has to drop off food for her friend at work, so I tag along…

Right before we get there, she tells me it’s not her friend, it’s her boyfriend and it’s complicated…. Oh, how that should have been the end of that for me.

– ZooNooz

13. Pretty plain.

I let the girl pick the place because it had her favorite food. She ordered chicken tenders and said hold the fries because she doesn’t like potatoes.

Her hobbies included napping and enjoying some piece and quiet. She had never traveled and didn’t want to. She didn’t like movies or tv.

I asked for the check and she told the waiter she’s pay for it. I said thanks and then left. Total date time 30 minutes.

I didn’t bother to eat my food I wanted to get out.

– GuyWhoSaidThat

14. Nice save, friend.

We ordered dinner and it was apparent to me right off the bat she only cared about herself. After about 15 minutes of my date talking without asking a single question I decided I was going to let this entertain me and see how long this could go on. It was 2 hours and 15 minutes later (no exaggeration) where she still hadn’t asked me a single question.

When she got up to go to the bathroom, the bartender came over and said “im covering your tab, now get out of here and next time you come in we’ll have a laugh about this date of yours.” so, I got up and left. My date had then preceded to send me nasty texts for the next couple of days (apparently the restaurant still charged her for her drinks/meal).

I never did go back and chat with that bartender though, wish I had.

– TonightRainshowers

15. They’re always watching…

She told me her singing career had been ruined by the Illuminati.

– MarsupialJones

Reading through these, I feel bad about ever complaining about any of my dating experiences. Clearly I’ve gotten off easy.

Have you had a date like this?

Tell us about it in the comments.