Oh, the joys of toys.

Not to be the old man in the room, but since that’s inevitable, I’ll just go ahead and say that it’s a bit of a bummer that kids have fewer tactile toys now. So much of play time happens on a screen, and while the innovations on that screen can be marvelous, there’s really nothing like just getting your hands on something and letting your imagination go wild.

Here are fifteen toys and play things that probably defined your youth if you grew up in the 80’s.

15. Shiny Sandylion stickers

If it don’t shine, it ain’t mine.

14. Mrs. Grossman’s stickers

I’m gonna earn these as rewards so good.

13. Puffy fabric paints

The results were always, ALWAYS disappointing.

12. G.I. Joe stuff

One of those classic kids shows that was basically just a half hour ad for cheap toys.

11. Odd little change purses

I don’t know who these were for, but we all had them.

10. Fraggle Rock Happy Meal toys

*clap clap*

9. Fisher-Price toys

My imagination is sparked just looking at this.

8. Kite spools

But it’s a Barbie one, see? Because it says Barbie on it. That’s how you know it’s Barbie.

7. Hand keychains

I’m convinced these were literally just repurposed reject doll hands.

6. Kid cameras

In the era of film. The pictures were…bad.

5. Spirograph

A crazy LSD trip, but yanno, for kids.

4. Nerf Air Hockey table set

AKA “how many minutes can you go without losing a piece?”

3. Puffy stickers

Like stickers, but puffy.

2. Metal pin toys

Ouch. Cool! …ouch.

Via: Kohls

1. McDonald’s drive-thru toys

Pretending to do a job as kids that literally nobody wants as an adult.

It makes me wonder – will kids in 20 to 30 years have lists like this? Or would it just list all the different platforms Minecraft is on? Get off my lawn.

What’s your favorite thing about the 80’s?

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