Tumblr is a magical place. Maybe even literally.

I don’t know, I’m very uncertain of how the internet actually works and if you told me it hinged on spells and such I would be inclined to believe you.

Especially somewhere as ineffable as Tumblr, with its strange little outputs and unexpected subcultures.

Take these fifteen posts for example. Just magic.

15. Little chocolate fish

If that’s not the name of a Ben and Jerry’s flavor already, it ought to be.


14. Strong personality

I mean, it kind of is?


13. Book learnin’

Roll for procrastination.


12. Charlie Brown

Snow is just dirt in sheep’s clothing.


11. Don’t miss the bus

Live in Chicago, can confirm.


10. Yum yum gum gums

Maybe it was more like “What do I *want* to eat but know I never can?”


9. Beware the Ides of March

The butterfly effect has gone too far this time.


8. Murder time

Now you win a factory, have fun dealing with the property tax.


7. Academic excellence

The look on his face must have been absolutely priceless.


6. Spank bank

I was unaware of this episode and I have so many questions now.


5. Daddy’s beard

None of them compare to my name for it: hyper cloud.


4. Paving the way

The real answer is that they have to get out of the dirt so they don’t drown. But that’s not very funny.


3. Proper documentation

Its not they’re fault.


2. Manners matter

“Dear me, so sorry. I’ve had quite a day, you see.”


1. You’ve got some nerve

We did think of this, it’s called “drinking.”


Whatever wizardry keeps this Tumblr magic coming, I hope it never dies out.

What’s your favorite kind of content to find on Tumblr?

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