Objectively, Generation X refers to people born between 1965 and 1980, who constitute around 20% of the American population and are, at the time of writing, anywhere from 40 to 55 years old.

Subjectively, though? Gen X is a feeling. It’s a vibe. It’s ineffable, but simultaneously a force to be reckoned with.

Here are fifteen tweets from true Gen X’ers that explain it a little better.

15. Day in the life

It was definitely a different time.

14. The Heathers

Get your facts straight and bring me your manager.

13. Beautiful apathy

Well done. Very, very well done.

12. Stranger things have happened

Full disclosure: I’ve always thought Winona Ryder was an off-putting performer and never really understood her fame. THERE I SAID IT.

11. Live free or die hard

We have no use for or opinion on feelings.

10. General knowledge

I never knew this. And I still don’t.

9. Wait it out

Hey, some of us Millennials had the same experience.

8. You’re toast

I’m lukewarm on avocado and totally baffled by how it came to represent my entire generation, but to each their own I guess.

7. Mix it up

I do miss handling a physical piece of media. Something tactile, that felt like it contained a little bit of magic.

6. Killer theories

Kurt Cobain: “Here are a bunch of incredibly genuine albums about how deeply depressed I am.”
Everyone forever: “Or WAS he?!”

5. Thanks I hate it

At least they’ve settled in a final location.

4. Pac it in

The differences are all aesthetic. No difference in gameplay.

3. Tick tock, tick tock

Um. Did you just skip completely over Millennials there?

2. Fire when ready

Yeah, that was pretty cool. Now do a bunch more.

1. Let’s shag

I think that’s always been a little true.

Here’s to you, Gen X’ers. You’ve done us all proud. Or whatever.

What generation do you belong to, and how would you describe it?

Tell us in the comments.