The ladies of Twitter have been killing it lately. And by lately, I mean since Twitter was invented. And the last few weeks have been no exception.

Enjoy these fifteen random tweets that are super sweet treats.

15. Serious support

I mean, I guess part of the job is keeping it real, right?

14. Bamlanivimab

We’re all gonna know how to spell this thing without looking it up soon.

13. The total package

But in the morning, he said he had to leaf.

12. Peace be with you

At least I’ll finally get some sleep.

11. The bad news

It’s the human interest story I absolutely did not want to read.

10. Aftermath

It all comes down to this.

9. A look back

There should be a store called Dad Stuff with just these items in it.

8. Donut overdo it

And the second one was a treat, because I’ve been so good.

7. Rich dialogue

This is called a lazy exposition dump and it means somebody should be fired.

6. Take this down

Why I felt the need to preserve that we’ll never know.

5. Nullification

Apparently that’s all it takes.

4. Know the difference

Either way, you’re definitely drunk with power.

3. Nerd on nerd violence

He was such a wonderfully confusing man. Always asking questions backward and everything.

2. Savior complex

They don’t get to brag to people about that other guy.

1. The upper limit

Dictated but not read, sent from my desk.

Solid gold every once of these. Worth their internet weight in the stuff, I’d say.

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