First dates can be so intimidating. You want to get to know someone but you don’t want to go about it wrong, yanno?

Luckily, there are some great conversation starters you can try, courtesy of Reddit. Even more luckily, we can practice right now.

What is a seemingly mundane question you can ask somebody that will tell you a lot about their personality? from AskReddit

I’ll give some sample answers based on my own opinions, and you do yours in the comments.

Let’s test how just how insightful these queries really are.

1. Cults, probably.

Wow, coincidently just had this conversation earlier today and my friend proposed:

“What topic could you give a 30 minute presentation on with no preparation?”

I thought it was genius.

– theGrodon

2. Muppet Treasure Island

“What do you know Tim Curry from?”

– WhichSpirit

3. A falcon?

My father-in-law went on a job interview about 10 years ago and absolutely nailed the interview, as he was being shown around the office a high level person in that company who normally wasn’t there just happened to be there that day.

After they were introduced he asked my FIL what kind of animal he would be. My FIL said he panicked and picked bear (he’s a bigger guy) and the other guy said something along the lines of “that’s a little to aggressive maybe this isn’t the job for you”.

So he didn’t get the job but I guess it worked out because he’s got a pretty good job now and if I was him I wouldn’t want to work for someone who hires people based on what animal they think they would be.

– Darth_dubj

4. He stares into your soul.

Does Mike Wizowski blink or wink?

– legeume

5. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

What book would you like to live in?

– jealousofhiscat

6. With my teeth.

Got this one in an interview once:

How do you go about eating a muffin?

Learned a lot about muffin anatomy that day. It was a bakery after all.

– b_o_p_g_u_n

7. Call an emergency biologist!

Fav question I heard in an interview; what would you do if you came home and found a penguin in your freezer?

It ends up not only being an ice breaker, but a good personality tell.

– strongerone

8. For me it would be beer and failure.

It’s not a single question but by the second or third date with a guy I would ask him to go bowling.

As it turns out there’s many ways to play the game. Do they take it too seriously and get competitive or angry if they don’t do well? Does he act disinterested or bored of the game? Do they try to teach me how to play or do they just try to be goofy have fun with it? Do they order two pitchers of beer and get totally smashed?

In my opinion you can learn a lot about a person by the way they approach bowling.

– Billlliejean

9. Usually nothing.

Ask them what they like to cook for breakfast.

– BrainstormingNetwork

10. I freelance mostly, so, I call in sick to myself all the time.

In a job interview, ask your prospective supervisor how much vacation time and sick days they took last year. This is great because both extremes take pride in their answer and so will answer honestly. The no/low vacation boss is proud of how hard she or he works, but really it’s bad if they don’t take time off. They’re coming in when they’re sick, they’re not recharging by taking vacation, and the expectation — even if unstated — is that their staff should follow that example. You’ll feel guilty every time you call in sick or take vacation time.

You want the boss who says “I always take my vacation time and encourage my staff to as well. I called in a couple times last year when I came down with a cold.” Good boss.

– regular_gonzalez

11. Hosting live shows.

One of my standard job interview questions is “Tell me about something you like doing that you’re good at”.

I don’t really care what the answer is. I just want to see passion, effort, and creativity.

– ThadisJones

12. Yes, I’m not a monster.

Do you put the cart back when you’re done shopping?

– Dunsparces

13. Sold something on eBay.

What’s the last thing you did for the first time?

– Tmadred

14. WHERE?!

“Ooh squirrel!” – then check to see if they get excited at the prospect of a squirrel.

– moshritespecial

15. I plead the fifth.

where were you the night of the murder?

– Gretchiemations

Alright, now it’s your turn!

Pick your favorite(s) and give us an answer!

Leave it in the comments, please.