Jobs. Can’t live with ’em, literally can’t afford to live without ’em. Unless you were like, born rich or married into money I guess. In which case, could I borrow a couple bucks? I’m kinda burned out on work. Been lookin’ at memes about it to help me cope.

Maybe you’d like to see some of ’em too?

15. Low tolerance

I would do anything it takes, unless what it takes is effort.

14. Who wants to be a millionaire?

“I could sell all my organs, but I guess then I’d be dead?”

13. Making a stink

She who smelt it dealt it.

12. Watching over you

I look down my snubby little nose at this malarkey.

11. Testimonial coercion

Yeah how about not.

10. Coming up short

Either hire more people or pay me like I’m more people.

9. Work it

Let’s take a coffee break and spill tea.

8. Sick moves

I feel like this meme was created in a pre-2020 era…

7. Can’t stop stopping

I’m making a list. I’m checking it twice.

6. By the numbers

We can’t know. There’s just no way to know.

5. Turning the tables

Probably not here at all, I’mma be honest.

4. Mail tails

Whaddaya mean I got responsibilities?

3. Oops

But how can you stay mad at someone this cute?

2. Take a seat

Don’t make me get out the chart again.

1. Different energy

Please don’t speak to be before or after I’ve had my coffee. Also not during.

Well, that’s enough fun being mad about work. Now back to work!

What’s the worst thing about your job?

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