You ever hand someone your phone and then immediately realize there are about 1,000 embarrassing things they might accidentally see?

The only thing worse than that moment of sheer anxiety is when your fears come true that they DO bear witness to something mortifying.

What is the worst notification you have received whilst someone else has had your phone? from AskReddit

That’s the question that kicked off over 7,000 stories on Reddit. Here are just a few.

1. Wait, your mom said this to you?

While my friend was using my phone, my mom texted me “Remember not to have sex with Thomas, he has chlamydia.”

– EmotionalSmell2260

2. It’s not all fun and games…

I was ordering food off of doordash on my exes phone when she got a text from guy saying he couldn’t wait to see her that weekend.

She told me she was going to see her mom.

– greekfire01

3. So much that you don’t wanna know.

Years ago I was working at an Apple store as a Genius (technician) and was helping an older woman with her phone. This woman had to be in her late 60s early 70s, as sweet as could be, and was having some minor issues with her phone, I think it was battery life or something.

So she hands me her phone, and just as she does a message pops up with a picture of a toilet full of sh*t and the message reads “how many times do I have to tell you to flush the f*cking toilet?!”

Not knowing really what to do I just hand it back to her and tell her she has a message. She takes the phone, half smiles, closes the message and hands it back saying, “sorry about that sweetheart, my daughter can be a bit of a b*tch.”

– slaimt

4. Out of context jokes can go horribly.

This happened to my friend, I sent him a text of a wet cat and said look at this wet Pussy, while my other friends mom was holding his phone.

She just awkwardly gave him his phone back.

– wanker696

5. Whoops.

Tiddy pic

While my mom was holding my phone

– moist-pizza-roll

6. What’s the implication here?

A couple of years ago met a guy from Tinder in a pub for our first date. Things were going well, we were having a laugh and flirting. After about an hour I took out my phone to show him a funny meme and up popped a notification from my new period tracking app saying “Today’s the day! You’re ovulating!”

I swiped it real quick and I dont think he got a good look at it but I was still worried he’d think i was some child-obsessed weirdo who timed my dates so random Tinder guys could impregnate me. I turned off ovulation notifications after that.

– UnderTheHarvestMoon

7. I don’t think those guys have a great sense of humor.

Border patrol had my phone and my buddy sent me a text in which he jokingly said something like, “what makes you think they’ll let you in this time?” or something like that

– ImranRashid

8. Message received, I guess.

My SIL was staying with me for a week, which I wasn’t stoked about.

My sister knew about it and messaged me “How are you dealing with (SIL’s name)? Do you need to pretend to have a nap again lol?”

Unfortunately my SIL was borrowing my tablet at the time and saw the notification pop up. She hasn’t stayed with us since.

– Sufficient_Cat

9. Why was that the name of your group chat?

My mum was looking up stuff on my prescription app on my phone when a message came in from a group chat I’m on, a group chat named pornographic material.

I turned Instagram notifications off after that.

– Neverspark7776

10. Just…stop sending these. Please.

My friend sent a poop pic while my then girlfriend was checking the weather for us one morning.

– AlexatRF21

11. You got some big energy, alright.

I was showing my grandma some pictures. She chuckled a bit and quickly handed me back my phone. I looked at it and saw that my boyfriend (now husband) had texted me saying “I hate it when I’m pooping and my d*ck touches the water. Big d*ck problems.”

We laughed about it, but my husband is still horrified by the thought of my grandma knowing about his “big d*ck problems.”

– prettyprincess93

12. Don’t threaten me with a good time.

My boyfriend and I send each other sh*t randomly during the day like “FedEx me that pecker” or “flap them t*ts my way”.

I was showing my mom something on my phone once and he sends “gonna slap u with my d*ck tonight”

– SlytherinAhri

13. Maybe it’s what she was hoping for?

Not exactly a bad message but I leant my jacket to my crush and it had my phone in it’s pocket.

Someone sent me a message so she got it out to give to me but unfortunately she had sent me a message before that and saw that her name was marked with a heart.

Awkward night after that

– Chronometer420

14. “Good job!”

Not really my phone but I had text notifications on my computer, was working with a vendor and sharing my screen, my SO picked that time to send me a text that said “that was the most amazing sex we’ve ever had last night!”.

I silenced the notification as fast as I could but the vendor went quiet for half a minute and then said “good job!”, so got out of that awkward zone pretty well.

I never shared my screen with notifications active ever again.

– amalgamas

15. Well, that escalated quickly.

I was chatting with a guy and it was going well, nothing sexual maybe mild flirting. So I didn’t care when I gave my buddy my phone for some reason.

Then across the room he yells “YO THIS DUDE JUST ASKED IF YOU’D BE DOWN FOR ANAL!”

– RockClimber247

16. Very clear intentions.

In high school, there was a couple who had recently started dating. Let’s call them John and Sarah. They were both seen as quite innocent, and we were all in theater together.

I was at a rehearsal at John’s house, and he showed me his phone for a second. Right as I looked, a text popped up from Sarah saying “I want you to f*ck me from behind”

I was a bit in shock and started laughing uncomfortably, and when John received his phone back, he was horrified.

Personally, I just thought it was hilarious and definitely a pivotal moment with that group of theater kids.

– DaisyDooDrops

17. You dang kids.

My friend texting me “I’ll eat ur *ss” while I was showing my mom a meme,,, never swiped away a notification so fast in my mf life

– Thatgayshlt

18. Technology can reveal a lot.

Recently married, 3 months in. Wife went to Yosemite for a girls trip. I texted and didn’t hear back for a couple of days which worries me because she had cell service and was posting on social. I open up her laptop and iMessages started to come in and I saw that a guy I didn’t know but apparently her old high school flame were “missing each other”.


– bUTful

19. Not here to create more therapy needs.

Was showing a male client how to use google maps and my husband sent me a dirty text.

I’m a therapist.

Never grabbed a phone faster.

– boointhehouse

20. The moral of the story?

This post shows us that phones just need a simple side-button to temporarily turn off all notifications.

– [user deleted]

I’m not an iPhone guy so I don’t know what the options are there, but when I’m showing someone something on my Android, “do not disturb” mode is my best friend. Unlike airplane mode it won’t cut off your connections, but it will block most notifications from showing up. So. Pro tip there.

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