Can you believe we all actually stood around at parties on December 19th, 2019 singing songs and looking FORWARD to the coming year? MAN we were dumb. At least we had some solid memes coming?

Like these ones which will help us to preserve the year nobody wants to keep.

15. Shut your mug

Start your day the right way, then just never let it end.

14. Kill the festivities

We’re well past celebration now.

13. Meme of the year

His acceptance speech would be hilariously depressing.

12. The juice is loose

Grab your pitchforks everyone, we’ve found a new culprit.

11. Time’s change

I’ll have you know I underwent no such transformation. I’ve been the second picture this whole time.

10. Eternal optimism

Mama mia, here we go again.

9. Just keep running

“Think I’ll continue to stay home now.”

8. Level up

The hypothesis that we’re all just a bad game of Sims is getting more and more convincing.

7. Hot stuff

If the thingy goes beep you all have to leave me alone for two weeks.

6. Good points

Don’t forget about the way-too-distant air fives.

5. Reindeer games

“What names are they gonna call me if I don’t pull this off?”

4. Come as you are

Psh as though anybody wants to come to America in 2020.

3. Learning is fun

Now if only our elected officials could do it.

2. Limbo time

Without bars, my own bar is somewhat plummeting.

1. Shark tale

These Jaws sequels are getting out of hand.

If these memes are all I can away from the year…good. The rest can stay where it is.

What would you vote for as meme of the year?

Tell us in the comments.