I have found something truly amazing. I have found ALL of the weirdest bootlegs on the internet, and boy do I have some doozies….

Yes, you know what bootlegs are. Products that look like real things, but are actually their own amazing thing?

Here are 23 of the best.

Let’s go!

1. That’s not how Thomas works!

Your kid is gonna love it!

2. Well, their relationship evolved…

I need some time to think about this…

3. Honestly, this is better than the film.

I don’t remember it that way…

4. Teenage Diabetic Obese Turtles…

Is that supposed to be Donatello?

5. By the power of hey now!

He-Man! What do you think you’re doing?!?!

6. Don’t have a cow, Marmge!

Boy and Mom are my favorite characters.

7. He ate Bert.

Would you let your kid get near this thing? I didn’t think so…

8. Fear the sipdre-nma!!

My favorite superhero.

9. So which is it? Alien or man?

I kind of see what they’re going for here…

10. Just don’t do it.

Just try to picture it…

11. Oh? Instead of the earth robot?

But, I guess I’m wrong. Again.

12. A bit of the old ultra bootleg?

Remember that classic film?

13. The Spinsons…

It is kind of funny, though.

14. Is this a bootleg or something truly wonderful?

Who would’ve thunk it?

15. OMFG…

Hmmmm. Something seems OFF here.

16. Luke…are you okay?

He seems a little bit weird lately.

17. That is technically true.

You know him. You love him. Now you can dress like him.

18. What did you do to her?!

No child is going to want this thing.

19. G.T. where’s the lasagna?

That no one on the planet asked for.

20. What are you all doing with Garfield?!

Combining pop culture icons seems to be a big thing in the bootleg world.

21. Nice! I mean Nire. I mean…

Which one is your favorite?

22. Hey, as long as they’re tasty.

Salt and potato? That’s a flavor?

23. What is the fresh hell???

Can anyone fill me in? I’m scared…

I’m fully in love in every single way. My heart is full.

Which of these did you find the most hilarious?

Let us know in the comments!