If you’re a fan of The Adventure Zone podcast (and really, who isn’t?) then you’re probably familiar with their grand adventure season centering around a college specifically for heroes and villains.

It’s a great idea, and maybe it’s what inspired this particular poster on Reddit to ask the following question:

You are now a professor at Supervillain University. What course do you teach? from AskReddit

Class is in session. Here are a few topics that might be worth covering.

1. Apologetics

Mental Gymnastics: How to believe you’re actually the good guy.

– rawbface

2. Escape

How to Capture the Hero and Then Strategically Let Them Go With Them Thinking They Escaped But You Not Being In Any Danger At All Since The Hero’s Gotta Make A Living And So Do You


Henchpeople Loyalty: a class for beginners.

– fluffybear45

3. Design

Logo Designs for Fear and Recognition 201

Prerequisite is Choosing Your Companion Animal AKA Do I Have Allergies? 100

– HissyFit808

4. Efficiency

“Just Kill Him Already: Time Management for Super Villains.”

– Maxwyfe

5. Ethics

Ethics in Henchman Hiring and Work Conditions.

– DisillusionedDuck217

6. Insults

Sarcastic Put-Downs For Your Sworn Enemies

– LucyVialli

7. Engineering

Designing Your Dastardly Devices 301.

The prerequisites are Pernicious Physics 101 and Malicious Machinery 201.

– shongi_x

8. Construction

Evil lair building workshop

– stue0064

9. Badness

Ethics and Supervillainy: Why you don’t have to be a bad guy to be a bad guy

– NotAnotherBookworm

10. Staying power

How to make yourself important enough to appear in more than one episode/movie

– FishReel1082

11. Loki crap

Mischeif: how to be evil but fun at the same time.

– cringe_dispenser

12. Case studies

“Doctor Girlfriend and The Monarch: A Case Study in Co-Dependency”

– Devonai

13. Dialects

“German and Russian accents.”

– PolyhumanoidDisaster

14. Psychology

“Psychology 101: We’re not so different, you and I.”

– PolyhumanoidDisaster

15. Aiming

How to aim a firearm 101, it’s a mandatory class in stormtrooper majors and an acceptable class for most others as well.

– Joeydoyle66

16. Physics

Anti-Nuclear activism.

You can destroy the planet while claiming to save it!

What could be more evil?

– DeltaXDeltaP

17. Genres

Genre awareness 101.

– Dubanx

18. Destruction

How to angrily, and efficiently, break everything in the room.

– HeartIsaHeavyBurden

19. Captures

The Art of Intentionally Getting Captured As Part of Your Plan

Bane did it once, Joker did it twice in the same movie, Loki probably does this every Tuesday, and the villain of SkyFall was so crazy-prepared for his escape that he had a ridiculously specific Plan B in case of a chase that he didn’t even know was going to happen

– AdvocateSaint

20. Pro-activeness

“Efficiency of world domination by killing the hero without hesitation”

– Preparation_Asleep

21. Emotional intelligence

Internalizing anger and blame shifting.

– DirtySingh

22. Are we the baddies?

“How to tell if you’re the bad guy class” In most cases, the “bad guys” usually don’t know they are the “bad guys”.

They feel as if they are doing the right thing and the “good guys” are trying to stop them from doing what’s right.

So my class would help them realize who they are and prevent some evil plans.

I could do more in that class than any superhero could do leveling a city in a fight.

– Fart_McT**s

23. Likability

Introduction to Making Yourself More Likable Than Your Adversaries

– Enhanced__Human

24. Reverse-Potter stuff

Defense against defense against the dark arts

– ayzah

25. Henching

HR Management – where the H stands for Henchmen

– TorontoGiraffe

26. Buraucracy

The bureaucracy of evil: intro to office work

– CowboyFleeborg

27. Entrapment

Sleeper Agents and Honeypots: get them off, then bump them off

– CowboyFleeborg

28. Queercoding

Queercoding 101: Just Flamboyant Enough to Get The Point Across

Guest lecturers include Scar, Hades, Ursula, and extra special guest, HIM from the Powerpuff Girls

– reign-storm

29. Vetting

How to properly vet associates so that no one double crosses them

– gbrown2398

30. Diversions

Deadly Diversions 201: An exploration of defensive and offensive red herrings to delay and lure your rivals.

– kreankorm

I can feel my fingers steepling with evil already.

What class would YOU teach?

Tell us in the comments.