High school is a strange time. You’re trying to figure out exactly who you are, but you don’t really have the freedom to do it.

On top of that, you’re raging with hormones and so are all of your peers.

Ahhhh, memories. No doubt you’ve got a few. Maybe some of these stories from people on AskReddit will resonate with you.

Let’s take a look!

1. Choir purgatory

“I was in choir all four years of high school. We had a pretty bad choir teacher, and most people only joined for the easy credit, but I joined because I wanted to sing! I had 100% enthusiasm and 0% talent.

One rule our teacher repeated a lot was that we needed to be louder, and let me tell you, I took that to heart. I understand now that he was so adamant on this point not because it was the number one rule for singing well, but because all the students who were only there for the easy credit mumbled their way through our garbage little performances.

This led to all of our performances following the same pattern: 17 or so students mumbling, 3 or 4 actually good singers, and me YELLING. You would think I would learn after the first few performances. You would think our teacher would tell me to quiet down. Or that any classmate who had to sit through those horrible assemblies would give me the heads up.

But no. That’s how I spent all four years in choir, never gaining any skill while I yelled every song. It only finally clicked that I wasn’t good when every time I asked a friend how I was, they could only reply with, “Well… I could hear you more than anyone!”

2. Cover up

“I live in a hot tropical country. But I was fat, so I tried covering it up by wearing a XXL DC hoodie everywhere I went, even under the hot sun.

People would ask me why I wore a jacket, I’d say I felt cold even though I was sweating visibly.

Everybody knew why, I know that now.”

3. Drool

“Back when sour candies were all the rage, me and my friends would see who could hold the most in their mouth for the longest time. As someone who likes a challenge, I ended up shoveling a handful of those super sour “toxic waste” candies into mouth.

Unfortunately, what I failed to realize is that sour stuff causes a lot of saliva production. So when my crush entered the cafeteria and made eye contact with me, I smiled, and multicolored drool literally flooded out of my mouth and slathered itself all over my t-shirt.

She said “ew” and walked away.

I really lost a little inside that day.”

4. Nice work

“Completely dead silent class. I ripped a loud one.

I tried to play it off by saying that my mouth made the noise. Tried to emulate the actual bottom burp with pretend ones for about 30 seconds.

After each pretend ripper, I’d say, “No that wasn’t it, let me try again.” All while sweating nervously and shaking.

Ayyy freshman year of high school almost ended me.”

5. Soul-crushing

“I was really good friends with this kid Andy. We had sort of a friend group but he and I were particularly close. Everyone used to ask all the time if we were a couple. I really liked Andy but he wanted to just be friends. Cool, no problem.

So it comes time for the Homecoming dance and I had talked to most people in my friend group about asking Andy. Everyone agreed it’d be fine because we’re super close and he would obviously say yes. So after school one day I go meet this friend group where we normally met. At this point, I had truly, madly, deeply convinced myself that Andy would definitely say yes.

So I ask him in front of all of our friends if he wants to go with me. Andy just kinda shrugs and goes, “Nah.” So I’m like, “Oh, aren’t you going?” He confirms he’s going. So I ask him if he is already going with someone. Nope. So finally I go, “Do you just not want to go with me?” And he’s like, “Yeah, pretty much.”

That one still crushes the soul a bit.”

6. I’m a little early

“Went to a party 5 hours early, oblivious. A girl is inviting everyone to a party Friday night.

I live out of town a bit and not entirely sure if I can get back in for the party so I just hang around after school. A buddy tells me he’s going early because he plays sports with the girls brother so I should just come early to hang out. For some reason I think early is like in an hour from that point. So I head over about 5 pm to meet up. I knock. I hear come in. So I head in. I see the girl and her brother inside and I say ‘buddy said he’s coming early and said I should come over.’ They are like ‘okay dude come in and sit down if you really want to.’ I do.

They are setting the table for dinner. With their parents. Going to have a nice family dinner and then clean up for the party. They ask me to join them. I say yes because at this point I’m totally I’m over my head. I eat with them, help with dishes, watch a little tv, soon they are all good to go, the parents head out and the night goes forward like nothing weird happened.

Next Monday I’m butt of many many jokes but people forgot about soon enough.”

7. Boooooooo!

“The most cringeworthy thing I ever saw was my Vice Principal told a joke in front of the entire school during a meeting we were all forced to attend.

The joke got crickets. Then Boos.

Think that’s the end? Nah.

This girl gets up in front of the entire school and stands up for the Vice Principal and tells us all to be respectful. She wasn’t staff, she was just a student. She then got boo’d as well.

I felt so bad for both of them.”

8. Here’s my number…forever

“Worked up the courage to ask a boy out. He reluctantly said sure.

I then asked if he’d want my number so he could call me sometime.

He again reluctantly said sure. I then proceeded to painfully carve my number into the back of his hand to the point of almost drawing blood because I was too embarrassed to ask for his pen because mine wasn’t working.”

9. Just an accident

“I was eating an awesome sandwich. It was too filling though.

So I tossed it at the trash when I was done, but some random girl who probably has a very heated memory of this walked by and got sub smacked. I awkwardly laughed because it was unexpected.

She probably thinks I did it on purpose.”

10. Who are you?

“Freshmen year, had a crush on this really pretty blonde girl in my algebra class. After weeks of thinking how to talk to her and asking my parents, they convinced me to just ask for her phone number. So one day after algebra is over, I was waiting for everyone to leave.

She was standing there with 2-3 friends and I decided today had to be the day. I walked up, asked for her phone number. “I don’t even know your name.” I said “OK” and walked away. I will never forget this. Can I go back in time and kick myself in the balls?

Maybe I’m lucky that’s the worst that happened.”

11. More gassiness

“Our entire class got in trouble, and we had to do a worksheet in complete silence for about 1.5 hours. One student made a noise and was sent out of class, so teach wasn’t messing around.

My friend and I ate multiple burritos at lunch about 30 mins prior and it was settling in. In complete silence with a angry teacher staring at everyone, my friend ripped the longest bottom burp I’ve ever heard. It lasted about 4-5 seconds, and it was loud. No one said a word.

A few minutes later, it hit me and I ripped a few short ones, but even louder in sound. Again, no one said a word. Complete silence after both. After class I laughed until I cried. Funniest day ever. No one was even impressed.”


“When I was 14 I had a crush on this girl.

Her younger sister told me she had a crush on me back (which was false). So me being the incredible naive kid I was, decided to ask her out. Only I did it from my mom’s phone, by asking my youth pastor to ask her for me.

To no one’s shock (and my complete embarrassment) she said no.

What followed was easily the most awkward few weeks of my life at school.”

Photo Credit: Pexels

13. Bad advice from mom

“I was constantly bullied in middle school. This one girl in particular has me marked as her go-to target.

When I came home with a bruise on my arm, my mom asked what happened and I told her about the girl that beat me up. She replies with “Oh! I know that girl’s mama, and her mama had her when she was 15! You need to go to school and put her in her place! You can tell her that and she will back off!”

So, the next day, I went to school and when that girl started her s**t with me, I responded with “Well, at least my mom didn’t have me when she was only 15!” I then got beat to a pulp and shoved into a locker.

I was so angry at my mom after that!”

14. Dumba**

“Oh. I got one.

So, freshman year I was going through some stuff. Angry all the time, behind on my homework, and had some girl issues. So, typical angsty teenage bs. I was always pretty straight edge though. I didn’t drink, smoke or used weed. But I was having a really sh**ty day that day.

Anyways, a girl brought some brownies to school and tl;Dr I was told they were special brownies. So, hoping to take my mind off of life and s**t for a while I ate a few. Not one. I ate several.

What followed was me going on a goofy rampage throughout the school. I was sliding down the stairs singing a pirates life for me. Tripping over my feet. Laughing uncontrollably at stupid jokes. It was ridiculous. I even made friends with a girl that hated my guts. It’s been nearly a decade and I’m still friends with her because of that day.

Now, one of my friends found me and knew something was wrong. I was the angsty kid that always dressed in black, rarely smiled and was just an overall pain in the a** so he knew that if I was doing all of this s**t then something must be up. So I told him what happened and he dragged me to the cafeteria and confronted the girl about giving me that stuff.

She told him that there was nothing in them. She had been kidding and my dumba** had taken her seriously. I had done all of that with nothing on my system aside from sugar. I wasn’t high. I was just a dumba**.”

Photo Credit: Pexels

15. Uh oh

“This is more embarrassing than cringey.

Back in junior year I had a real bad UTI and went to school expecting to be fine. I didn’t use the restroom for a couple hours because I knew it was just gonna be a waste. 7th period comes (last class of the day) and I have an extreme urge to pee. I tell my teacher and run to the bathroom as fast as possible. Got into the stall, stall wouldn’t lock had to go to another one but I was 1 second too late. I started just straight peeing my pants and it got on the floor and there was people in the stalls next to me who probably saw.

I awkwardly walked to the nurses office and explained what happened and asked if she could have someone from my class bring my bag to me. But the teacher had to be in a different room that day so she couldn’t answer the phone. Had to embarrassingly walk into class with my pants obviously soaked and then to make it worse my teacher tried stopping me and talking to me while some guy right in front of us is just staring at my clearly soaked pee pants.”

Photo Credit: Pexels

16. Still hanging around

“When I was in high school, this guy a year before me had a fearsome reputation. At house parties, people would fear him just by name alone. He would show up to parties with his cronies and start fights. He came from a decent enough family. Everybody wanted to be on his good side.

Anyway, he graduates high school, and most of us were still in 12th grade. I remember he used to come around lunchtime to smoke with the people out front, shoot the breeze and talk about how much fun it is to just sleep in and do nothing and have all this freedom.

A couple of months of “Ohhh cool!” To, “Why are you still here?” as we awkwardly shuffled back to class.”

Photo Credit: Pexels

 17. Dance choreography mishap

There was an assembly one day at my school that the entire student body attended. It was in the auditorium of my high school which had an elevated stage and stadium seating. On the floor at the foot at the stage was a live band that played the music for the choir to sing along to.

One of the songs that they sang had 5 of the boys come out and do a reenactment of the Backstreet Boys video for As Long As You Love Me, which you will remember, had the famous chair dancing choreography.

So the band is playing on the floor, and the choir is singing at the back of the stage, and these 5 guys are dancing with their folding chairs at the edge of the stage above the band. The final awesome move in the choreography is flipping the chair over your shoulder so it comes down in front of you facing backwards and you sit down with your arms crossed on the back of the chair like AC Slater from Saved by the Bell.

Well 4/5 of the guys did this perfectly, but the 5th guy flipped the chair over his shoulder and went to sit on the chair backwards and didn’t realize that one of the legs was hanging off the edge of the stage. When he say down he fell straight off the stage and took out about 3/4 of the drumset that was under him. The most amazing part: the drummer didn’t miss a beat. Kept playing even after this guy had just crashed through his whole set.

The entire auditorium of my high school erupted. People stood up and pointed and laughed, kids were rolling around on the floors cracking up. People were taking pictures.

18. “A great left hook”

Was having lunch. Buds and I decided to go outside. On the way out, I bump into this guy.

“Watch it!”

I, thinking ‘There’s no way I’ll remember this kid or he’ll remember me.’ blurt out, “No, you watch it!” Entirely joking. We keep going our separate ways, or so I thought.

Turns out, the doors were locked, so we had to double back to the lunchroom.

And suddenly, there he is. He has me by the collar of my shirt against a locker, “What’d you say?”

“What?” He didn’t even care. He just punched me. Right in the face.

I’m not a fighting kind of guy. I was a good student. Never thought I’d get into a fight. But that rush I got… I got a right jab into his gut, then two left hooks and a right into his face. He went down.

Being an upstanding citizen or whatever, I then go to take responsibility for my actions. I run down the hall, about 50 yards to the security office to confess and call a nurse.

I get thrown into in school detention for about half an hour, before I get called into the principles office. “This is you, right?” It was ALL on tape. First time in my life, I loved CCTV. I told him what I had done to “anger” him, and why I defended myself. He called up my dad, with me in the room. “Your son has a great left hook… You should see the other guy.”

The other guy got a suspension, and his second recommendation for expulsion.

I got a 30 minute detention and a complement on punching someone.

19. Reunion memories…

“The class that graduated before me had their ten year reunion last year and apparently a big fight happened over something that happened when they were all still in high school.

So what happened?

Somebody cut in line to get into a football game.

Yeah, that’s it. That was the reason these two grown a** men got in a fist fight ten years later.

I guess that is one way to tell if someone peaked in high school.

Pretty embarrassing.”

20. The mysterious guy

I had been watching a boy in the halls for two years. Never said a word to him, had no classes with him and no friends in common.

On the last day of school of his senior year (he was a year older than me), he walked up to me, kissed me very gently on the mouth, and said “I’ve been wanting to do that for a year and a half.” Then he walked away.

I never saw him again.

I’m kind of glad – it preserves the mystery.

21. No hoodies in school

My high school had a rule against hoodies. People always fought and questioned it, and the reason was always changing, from the hood concealing identities to the front pocket being able to hide things.

During Algebra my teacher (good at math, interesting lady, horrible at teaching and controlling a class) tells this one popular joker kind of guy to take off his hoodie. He asks why and is told that the pocket could hide things. He says his pants have pockets too, should he take them off? She tells him to do whatever he wants.

So he stands up and takes off his pants. She doesn’t know what to do, so just stops talking for a bit then tries to continue class. After about a minute standing there pants-less he takes off his hoodie, puts it over his legs, puts his pants on his arms, and stays like this until the end of class.

22. Senior prank!

My junior year of high school, some of the seniors decided to pull a prank the night before our Homecoming football game.

When we came into school the next morning, there was a tree planted on our football field. In the middle of the fifty yard line.

And did I say planted? I meant cemented in.

School officials got it out pretty quickly (no idea how), but it was still brilliant.

23. Playing golf in the school tunnels

Found that all the foundations of the school was one long tunnel system.

So naturally we brought down golf clubs and had a few rounds of underground golf.

Then one day a teacher followed us.

He was a big man and he chased us around the tunnels cursing at us.

Still brings tears to the eyes thinking what people must have heard coming from the floor beneath them with the guy cursing at the top of his lungs.

24. Prom fundraiser

In my English class, I was saying how much I didn’t want to go to prom because it was lame (yeah I probably sounded so cool).

My English teacher was upset and wanted me to go and I said I wouldn’t go unless you paid for my ticket (jokingly).

Of course this started a school wide fundraiser to buy tickets for me and my (male) friend to go to prom.

We went and fulfilled our $100 duty to the people who gave us money.

25. Whoa, drama!

Two students got into a fight and the student who had started it by insulting the other student’s girlfriend was suspended.

The following day he returned even though he was suspended and he brought a number of older male relatives and his mother, all of whom were armed with brass knuckles and chains.

Apparently they were after the guy and his girlfriend but if I remember correctly, they beat up the wrong people and there was a big brawl in the school that culminated in the suspended students mother punching our principal in the face.

The perpetrators left the school before the fuzz arrived but were caught making their escape at a nearby bus shelter.

26. Spandex garments

The last day of my junior year in high school, my best friend and I decided to show up to our final… finals… wearing nothing but spandex undergarments. We both had the same final together at the end of the day, sitting next to each other in class, spreading our legs out towards the aisles with gigantic grins on our faces. (I was doing it mostly in my hopeless attempts to nail my English teacher.)

So we’re standing next to my locker during clean-outs, right before final bell is to ring, when our principal walks up behind us and yells “What do you call this?”

I look at him, he looks at me, we both spin around on the double, thrust out our groins, and flip our principal the best imitation of an armed services salute we can manage while yelling, “SIR, MR. SMITH, SIR!”

Nearly 100 people turn on heel and stare at the commotion in the hallway as we’re saluting our principal wearing skin tight spandex, bulging crotches and all. He says real quietly, “Never again.” and walks off as the bell rings. Needless to say, Spandex Fridays were banned from that moment on.

27. Boozy cake

In World Geography class we were having student projects where each student was assigned an area of the world and had to do a presentation on it.

Cooking native food for the class was an option.

Somebody made boozy cake for theirs and didn’t cook out the booze out properly.

Soon, the whole class had a slight buzz, and became giggly and talkative.

We kept this all a collective secret.

28. Barefoot and in love with the English teacher

My shoes finally fell apart after 4+ years of use.

I didn’t want to ask my poor parents for things, so I went to school without shoes. Made it through 4 periods before getting sent to the dean, got suspended. Dean called me “the barefoot contessa” for the rest of the year.

There was also the time when I stood up in front of 40 classmates on a retreat and told my 23 year old English teacher that I was in love with her and there was nothing I could do about it.

She high five’d me as I walked to sit back down. The only time I ever had any physical contact with her.

29. Messing around with school computers

Back in junior year, when I began to take an interest in computers, I began testing the limits of the computer protections in the library.

They had blocked the command prompt, however they left the run prompt open for exploitation. So I told a friend of mine next to me to type “net send * I am god, hear me roar” and press enter.

He does and his screen blinks for a second, followed by nothing.

Five minutes later, the IT department security guy interrupts the class and pulls my friend outside.

Two more minutes and I’m taken outside too and informed that my actions had resulted in the message “I am god, hear me roar” flashing on the screens of 11,000 computers across the entire Northern VA school network.

Best part is my Dad refused to punish me and instead bragged about it at work the next day.

30. The tale of Dave

My high school had early dismissal for kids who went to the vocational school. This happened halfway through the day, right around lunch time.

Our last day of our senior year, the bell dismissed us to lunch, third period or to leave and people made their way to the cafeteria. Just as everyone was sitting down to lunch, one of the guys in my class, let’s call him Dave, jumps up onto one of the long lunch tables full of sophomores and does this loud battle cry.

He then proceeds to run down the table kicking and stomping peoples lunches and screaming “Screw this place! I’m out of here!”.

Nearly everyone who was not covered in their food was laughing.

No staff saw it and he avoided any punishment.

31. The ketchup freedom fighter

This is probably a “you had to be there” type story but here it goes…

When I was a freshman one of the seniors in my lunch period tried to get a few extra packets of ketchup and was told they’re only allowed to give out 2 or something. He made a huge scene… basically the whole cafeteria knew of this man’s ketchup troubles.

So the next day he sits down with his tray, reaches into his backpack, and pulls out this giant industrial sized bottle of ketchup. As he unloads it on his tray he screams out at the top of his lungs “I HAVE KETCHUP, WHO NEEDS KETCHUP?!”

The entire cafeteria is cheering him on as he starts going around to every ones lunch squirting ketchup on it like he’s some kind of freedom fighter rebelling against the lunch lady’s reign.

32. The Mystery Poop

This happened in my final year of high school.

I was in class one morning, and someone started complaining that the room smelled like poop. Some guys tried to find the source of the smell but they weren’t having much luck.

Eventually, they opened up a drawer of a small filing cabinet and discovered that someone had left a little surprise. People went ballistic and started taking pictures of said dookie, and our teacher went red in the face from laughing so hard.

The caretaker said that in all his years working, he had never had to deal with poo outside the bathroom.

33. Spongebob boxers and water balloons

During the final day picnic at my freshman year band camp, we had a water balloon fight.

I decided that would be an opportune time to strip down to my Spongebob boxers and charge the football field through the horde of fighting band geeks.

Everyone stopped for a moment while I ran past, and then the whole thing stopped and turned into “Let’s get the underwear kid!” It was like “The Running Man” with water balloons.

Had to jump the fence to escape.

34. Taking Over

As the culminating project for economics the class had to run a week long business on campus (sell donuts or something similar). The class voted for the various company officers, CEO came down to a runoff between me and a popular kid. We were asked to give a short speech before the final vote.

I went first and talked about working hard, getting a good grade, real motivational stuff. He went after me and promised to bring cookies if he won.

He won.

Afterwards as a way to apologize he appointed me to be in charge of issuing the company stock. The idea was that every student in class bought a dollar worth of stock so we were all invested in the project, and so we had some money to buy whatever we were going to resell. Instead of issuing 30 pieces of stock so everyone in class could buy one I issued 60, bought half immediately, and performed a hostile takeover. I moved for a new vote for CEO, and about three people voted for me.

When the teacher told the class that I was the now in charge of the company the class erupted.

I made a kid cry, and not the one whose job I took.

35. The best chemistry teacher ever!

My chemistry teacher was an absolute hero. A few times we did cool things, burning smiley faces into the desks and setting fire to sugar and jelly babies and stuff.

My favorite was when she did Halloween chemistry and we, in our table groups, had to make sparklers using salts with different transition metals so they were different colors. She then went in next door to a younger class and in a serious voice was all, ‘I must have these two students in my classroom now.’

They thought they were getting in trouble, they were actually there to judge who made the prettiest sparkler display. As we were all the real winners, we all got a chocolate bar to say well done.

I’m now, contrary to previous plans, studying chemistry at uni. That lady literally changed my whole life.

36. Senior Projects

Every Monday during my senior year we could go off campus for “senior projects.” My group was by far the most trusted and hard working members of our class, so no one cared when we would stay out until like 1pm.

We accomplished nothing, got plastered at my house every week, and by the end of the year, our project was way better than every other groups.

We built a go-kart out of scrap metal and parts, and had some guy assist us with aesthetics.

It eventually came out looking like a rhino, which was also pretty awesome.

I miss those days.

37. The secret loft

My school had a secret loft above the auditorium that you accessed through the catwalks.

You’d take the ladder up to the place where you accessed the stage lights, which was in the ceiling above the seats, and then walked across the structural beams holding up the ceiling to a hole in a cinderblock wall which you climbed through to a homemade ladder room that led to a room that was just a plywood floor somehow wedged into a gap in the walls between the exterior of the building and the wall of the stage.

There was a chair, a bed, electricity, empty booze bottles, etc.

I’m so disappointed that I only found out about it with about a month left in senior year.

38. The boys bathroom rave

My Senior year a few friends of mine brought some speakers and a strobe light, and in between classes invited everyone they saw to a rave in the boys bathroom.

It was incredible, we packed at least 50 people in there, turned all the lights out, turned on the strobe light, and passed out glow sticks and just raved for about 5 minutes before the administration came to break it up.

Most of the teachers thought it was hilarious, and both the Principle and the Vice Principle’s daughters (being friends with them had some nice perks) had been a part of it, so we all got away clean.

39. Lunch Time

By the time I got to high school, we were not allowed to leave the campus to get lunch. We were forced to pack a lunch or eat their crappy food so we decided to sneak out one day.

My two friend and I were in 5th period Algebra 2 class with an awesome teacher. We told her how we were going to leave the school for lunch. She laughed and told us what she wanted from Quiznos. As we’re sneaking out through the gym, the female gym teacher who I hated, and she hated me, saw us leaving.

She started shouting at us to stop and we asked her what she wanted for lunch. This angered her even more. She actually chased our car as we were drove off. Surprisingly, we never got in trouble for it.

40. A wonderful moment to remember

I was a super nerdy guy in high school and had never been to a dance in whole life. A girl that I had talked to a lot and thought of as a friend (again, I was nerdy, she wasn’t on my radar and I didn’t even have a radar) asked me to stay after a class and I honestly had no clue as to why. After all the other kids had left. She was super quiet and more nervous than I had ever seen her in my life.

She could barely say it but she asked me out to my Jr. prom. I remember there were a thousand thoughts in my head. “I had never been to a dance before. I didn’t have money for tickets. I don’t even know if my dad will pay for a tux.” Regardless, I stood there dumbfounded for a few minutes before I realized she was nervously waiting for a response. My instant reaction was to say something, anything, just so she would have an answer. And with so many thoughts in my head I just said the first thing that popped in. So I practically yelled into her face: “I CAN’T DANCE!”

There was an awkward silence for a bit before she nervously said that it was ok and that a lot of people are bad at dancing but it would be fun. Long story short I said yes and we had a wonderful time that night. We dated for a while afterwards but went our separate ways our Sr. year. When I came back from college I ran into her again and I have been wonderfully dating my high school sweetheart for over two years.

Any of those stories bring back nostalgia for you?

Let us know in the comments, yo!

High school forever!