Have you ever had to break up with a friend? Or had a super weird experience with a friend? Or made friends with a complete psychopath?

Some of you are definitely shaking your head “YES I HAVE!”, and if you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about.

Take a look at these stories from AskReddit folks who had to do the deed and ditch their bffs.

1. He actually thought it was endearing.

“In high school, my boyfriend at the time and I shared a math class together. It was well known we were dating so I would always take him his homework via teachers request if he missed (he skipped a lot). I broke up with him over Xmas break (he cheated on me). Math teacher obviously still assumed we were together so he asked me to bring him his homework. I did.

Got to his house, wanting to drop it off at his door step. He told me to come in and explain it to him. He locked his bedroom door and started saying s**t like “if I can’t have you then no one else can”, “I could get you back in a second. Just admit it”… etc. Then the true kicker: “if I offed you or if you passed, I would keep your body in my closet or hung behind my door just to have s*x with it”.

He then proceeded to try to make out with me and jam his hands down my pants. He actually thought it was endearing and had no idea why I was so upset.

I got out. Called my mom to pick me up. And ran back to the school (he lived close).

Terrifying. To this day I’m still horrified about it and him. Last I heard he was trying to be a magician, looks like Charles Manson, and is in and out of psych wards.”

2. He was just very enthusiastic.

“Someone in our extended family. He offered to off my cat for me to safe a vet bill. The cat wasn’t sick. Or old. He was just very enthusiastic about helping us out with that particular issue.

He’s not allowed to be alone with pets anymore.

Edit: This wasn’t the first incident, actually. At a family gathering he took the family dog for a walk. He returned with the dog soaking wet. It was December, and he claimed the dog had chased a squirrel into the river. People didn’t entirely believe that story, somehow.

He also tends to just leave gatherings without telling anyone, sleeps in the garden instead of on the couch, and he rarely blinks. He is just altogether a little odd.”

3. He thought it was funny.

“This kid in my 8th grade class.

He showed us a video of him lighting a cat on fire while it was alive.

He thought it was funny.

We reported the video to the school and he was apprehended next day.

I believe you can find a news story online about it.

It happened in Maryland a few years ago.”

4. How dangerous she actually was.

“By far figuring out how she dangerous she actually was.

I grew up with her until she was removed from the house due to trying to burn it down with us in it; she said it was a suicide attempt.

Okay, whatever, maybe.

Years later I find out her house burned down with her disabled daughter in it; she said it was an accident, candle or some bulls**t like that.

Possible coincidence, but highly unlikely.

She did other things too, e.g. poured paint over every item I owned when I was around ten, slept with a knife under her pillow, etc..”

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5. Do you trust me?

“We were cleaning our gats.

This guy pointed the gat at me and ask me if I trusted him. Do you think the gat is unloaded? He asked me.

I could be negligent or evil and I could left a bullet in there.

He pulled the trigger, laugh, and carry on cleaning the gat like nothing.

He thought it was funny.”

6. He still can’t help himself.

“I’ve been long time friends with a sociopath. He is honestly like my brother. We have developed this relationship that basically treats me like his moral compass, but it doesn’t always work. He is still manipulative and cruel at times, and he does only truly care about himself, but he tries to be a good person because he doesn’t want to be an a**hole.

This being said my most uncomfortable moment with him would have to be when he was telling me about watching some guy almost die. He was telling me how he knew he should have stopped watching and helped him, but he was too interested in what the outcome would be if he didn’t help. It was creepy to know that as hard as he may try to be a decent person. Sometimes he still can t help himself.”

7. Bad move

“We were completely inseparable through middle and high school and had always planned to stay together through college. She didn’t get into my choice schools, so (being an extremely dumb and anxious teenager) I foolishly agreed to attend a second-rate school with her instead… as not to be alone.

Shortly before the start of our freshman year of college she informed me she was no longer going to school with me and was instead moving to NYC to live with a guy she met on the internet. She’d known this for months but neglected to tell me until it was too late to do anything about it.”

8. Psyched myself out

“Ally and I were best friends and both in marching band, we went through a lot together and we tried to do everything we could together too lol.

I got her and her bf together (they’re still together!) She came for support when I had surgery, and I quit band with her when our director accused her of being at fault when a teacher tried to be inappropriate with her. Lotsa stuff.

She’s 2 years older than me and when she graduated HS, I psyched myself out. Told myself she’d have cool new college friends and she wouldn’t need me or like me anymore. I stopped putting in effort in a “I’ll stop talking to her before she stops talking to me to avoid being hurt” kind of mindset. I regret it very much. By pulling away I made my fear come true. She did make new friends obvs but that didn’t necessarily mean I would be replaced, but since I wasn’t there anymore I was.

We reconnected recently and text every once in a while but it’s certainly not the same.”

9. Addiction

“I tried to help her with her addiction to drugs and she cut me off.

It’s been six years since I talked to her and I just found out she died.

I have known her since I was sixteen and I am fifty four now.

It was very hard to see how she changed from a sweet girl to a completely different person.”

10. Let me make you an offer

“Moved in with one of my best friends at the time. We’d lived together in college and we were about a year or so out from graduation and had an opportunity for a real cheap apartment. Moved in with her and her boyfriend. Very quickly it became apparent that she was gonna be treating this place as her Barbie dream house, complaining about anything I brought into the space as “going against her vision” and trying to get me to throw in on the expensive furniture she wanted to buy. You could never say anything negative around her or she’d start going on about how much “negative energy” you put out and was always very quick to remind everyone how many hours she worked and how no one worked as hard as her. Constantly complaining about everything, EVERYTHING. Going out of her way to start fights because it was her way or the highway. Just generally unpleasant. Don’t know how the boyfriend put up with it. I tried to just ignore it as best I could and play Good-Time Charlie.

Then she joined the MLM.

One of those health and wellness product lines. She was pushing that down EVERYONE’S throats. Hard sell, 24/7. You couldn’t escape it. Forced her boyfriend to sign up. Started taking over the living room as her “work space” i.e. “TV off, radio off, no talking because I have to listen to this conference call of people waxing poetic about the wonders of this company for the next two hours.” We’d asked her to do it in her room if she needed space but she said she didn’t want to feel excluded… even though she was excluding herself.

She had started to distance herself from me because I was skeptical about the whole thing. Kept trying to convince me. Started guilting me. Eventually made it clear that the only way to stay friends with her was to join the thing. Stupid me, I joined the thing. It was only to save what little friendship was left, which was stupid in hindsight. I lost a LOT of money.

So we’re nearing the end of the lease, and she’s talking like she wants to renew and all this stuff. Then like 3 weeks before the time comes, she decides she’s like bored with her boyfriend or something, and she just f*cks off. Like straight up dips and has no contact with either of us. Turns out she’s taking mental health days from work to do drugs and go cavorting around the city with one of her other friends who’s been putting her up because she didn’t want to be around us. She left her two cats with us to take care of. Her now ex was frequently away as well (with good reason though) so it fell to me. Shoveling cat s**t was not something I wanted to add to my now frantic to-do list as I was trying to secure a new place to live all of a sudden.

So during all this, girl’s ex-boyfriend is a MUCH better friend than she is. Seriously, total bro. I mean the guy is going through this nasty-a** break up and yet he’s calling to check in on me because he know’s I’m freaked out about suddenly having to find a house. Good kid. So the two of us work it out and decide we’ll figure it out together. Meanwhile, suddenly girly-girl shows back up because she’s got to go back to work. She’s acting like a total martyr, no one can complain because “it’s hard for everyone, okay?” and this is all something that’s happening to her, not something she caused herself or whatever the hell her rationale was. She just needed to do something new with her life and we needed to be understanding. Which is fine and all, but doesn’t give her free reign to be a total b****.

Obviously, we weren’t too ready to be all friendly with her, but like she was already to hang out with us and ask for puffs off our joints and s**t like that. Afterwards she asked me why I was so “standoffish” and I was just like “are you kidding me? Like you pull all this crap and complain about how this place is toxic for your and then show up and demand we try to make you feel welcome?” After that I think she got it and kind of withdrew. She went back to flopping around the city until the time came to divvy things up and go. She sent me a message asking to still be friends and I sent her a bullet-pointed list of all the reasons I couldn’t do that. I ran into her only once since then and it was awkward AF, but civil. I do have one old mutual friend who is bent on fixing our friendship but I think I’ve made it pretty clear now that it won’t be happening.

Her ex-boyfriend and I are still buddies though. We’re on like our third apartment together. Good times are had by all.”

11. Sick

“I got ill, regular doctors appointments and didn’t have the energy to do lots of activities.

They just stopped talking to me and blanked me when they saw me.

I did try to reach out to my friends both at that time and also in the future. Unfortunately at the time I was just blanked and ignored, if I saw them in the street or around college they’d just look straight through me. Acquaintances and ‘friends of friends’ also stopped taking to me and I got horrible glares and looks as if I’d been the one to do something. Naturally I was upset and hurt but because I was ill I just didn’t have the patience to care.

It turned out my best friend took a year off to work and then came to my University (so I was starting my second year and she was in her first year). I only found out when she graduated and her parents put her picture in the local newspaper.

A few years later my second best friend got a part time job for the firm I work for, albeit in a different department and office. I reached out and asked if she wanted to meet for a catch up and she was very enthusiastic about it. I said I was free whenever and asked for her availability- no reply. I waited a few days and thought maybe she wants me to make the plans so I suggested a time and place. No response. This was about 5 years ago.

Also to those who asked about what I would have wanted from them, the simple answer would be just to have things carry on as normal. Basic things- reply to texts, tag me in memes, usual sleepovers, study sessions. Only difference would be I couldn’t come to anything when I had doctors/hospital appointments.”

12. Sounds like fun

“After several years just realized I always felt awful about myself after leaving his and his family’s presence. Our mutual friends had a saying “it’s not a trip to XXXX’s house until you get criticized.”

From the clothes you were wearing, to how dirty your car is, just a barrage of sh*t.

The final straw was when I was dating my now wife, we went to go hang out at his house, and he immediately pounces on my appearance (was wearing a hardhat all day do my hair looked a little funky), then handed me a bag of aluminum cans for me to recycle “and put towards my house fund” (was in deep saving mode).

Fortunately my wife was a good sport, but realizing what the hell this guy was trying to accomplish… embarrassing me in front of someone I’m interested in for no reason at all?

Walked out after that and never looked back. Cut out completely.”

13. Changes

“She changed completely our senior year of high school. We were the exact same person, loved the same things, got along like sisters.

Then she started prepping for her freshman year of college at a southern school, and completely overhauled her life to look “perfect” for the sororities.

She started partying, only hanging out with the “cool kids”, refusing to let me tag her in photos, and just became really focused on her appearance (not just physical, but how her whole life appeared to an outsider). It’s like she lived her life as an Instagram model. Everything had to look perfectly perfect. We just faded out and stopped talking because I didn’t fit her new life.

I still think about her a lot because we were so close and I’ve never had a friend remotely as close to me as her. It hurts a lot that she just changed and left me behind and didn’t seem to care.”

14. Talkin’ smack

“She couldn’t stop smack talking me to everyone. She had incredibly low self-esteem and when I met her, so did I. But each step I took towards being more confident in herself, she saw as a threat.

I started working out and losing weight? She told everyone that I was trying to look better than her; eventually that turned into “she stopped going to the gym and just did coke to stay thin”. Nope, never done hard drugs in my life and I was attending double sessions at the gym.

I started seeing this guy who was really sweet and nice to me; she said I was just seeing him to show her what a jerk her boyfriend was.

I was getting a dog after moving out of the apartment; she said I was doing it to taunt her since her new place didn’t allow dogs and mine did (I specifically looked for dog-friendly places).

I’d hang out with different groups of people because my anti-depressants had kicked in and I wanted to be social again; she said I was going out to make her feel bad for not having friends. Except that I’d invite her to come. But she told me she didn’t like those people (whom she’d only met once and was rude the entire time).

I changed my major to business while she was in writing because I found business to be ridiculously easy; she said I did it because I wanted to make her feel poor after graduation.

My parents rented a place at the beach and I invited her along and told her that they’d cover expenses because my parents remembered being poor college students and wanted us to have good meals and fun; she went but later said I invited her along because I wanted to show off my family’s wealth. We went off-season to a cheap place within driving distance.

It got to the point where I couldn’t say any longer that the people telling me these things were lying. It seemed like almost every day I was telling someone they must have misunderstood her, that she wouldn’t say that. But nope. She reveled in being a frenemy and I thought I had a friend. I distanced myself and she went nuclear. I had friends send me screenshots of the insane messages she was sending them about me, completely unprovoked. We haven’t been on speaking terms in almost a decade.”

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15. Downward spiral

“Alcoholism, drugs, robbed his family blind, tried robbing me and even though he had 800 bucks of my cash stuffed down his pants along with two gold chains sticking out of his pocket and a gold and diamond ring he still denied it.

Took my stuff back, took him back to his house so his parents could deal with him. They tried shipping him off to the army but he failed the drug test, wound up moving to another state and becoming an alc*holic bartender.

We’re the same age, when I see pictures of him now I can’t even recognize him, he looks easily 20+ years older than I do.”

16. All about her

“I was best friends with someone for 12 years and we did everything together. Well, everything that she wanted. It was always about her and her schedule, never compromising for me. I went to every event she had, even her parents anniversary dinner.

One year my mother had just passed away and I was home alone. I asked her to come over and she said she was going to a friends house to party because she broke up with her boyfriend. We haven’t spoken to each other in probably 2 years and I’ve never been happier.”

17. Aggressive

“They showed up on my doorstep red-faced in anger and picked a fight with me (out of nowhere).

I was completely dumbfounded and confused but had to defend myself – so I broke their nose. That pretty much ended the fight. I immediately helped them stop the bleeding and get in a taxi. I tried reaching out that day but they ignored all my calls.

Some months later I wrote them a letter asking what had happened. We were such good friends right up until that moment. Turns out a mutual friend had told them I nabbed something from them (I didn’t). There was some stuff going on in their personal life involving mortality in the family. They admitted they had had what amounted to a psychological meltdown and taken it out on me.

I forgave them and we grabbed a beer together, but it was never the same.”

18. Paranoid

“We were best friends for 10 years, both 19 M.

One day we decided to smoke some weed, it wasn’t anything out of the usual for us. After about 30 minutes he started getting very paranoid. I don’t mean worried about getting caught (we live in an non-friendly state & we were toking in a local park), I mean paranoid that people were out to get him.

It got worse as time went by, every single person who arrived or left the park was a suspect in his eyes. Eventually he then felt as if I was “setting him up”. I kept trying to comfort him but nothing was working. In fact, it escalated things and made it worse.

I finally convinced him to change locations so we got in my car and drove for about an hour until he felt comfortable enough to park somewhere. During that drive I was trying to tell him I’m not setting him up and I’ve no idea where or how he got this idea. He kept denying it and saying I wasn’t telling the truth and he was completely on edge.

We stopped at a fast food restaurant and I got him some food. He didn’t eat it because he felt as if I had done something to it, then he asked that I eat some of it first. I did. He still was not convinced and by this time it had been roughly 2-3 hours since we smoked so he should be sobering up if not coming down.

I dropped him off at his house and ever since then he has never been the same, I’ve only seen him two times after that occasion and it’s been many, many months since we’ve last been in contact. My parents ask about him all the time and I always make up excuses as to why we haven’t been hanging out. We were inseparable

I honestly don’t know what happened, before this we would smoke together left and right. My best guess is some sort of psychosis that came about faster by him toking weed. We were supposed to enlist together and now I’m leaving alone in December.”

19. Odd person out

“It was a culmination of differing interests and lack of initiation from both of us that led to our falling out. I noticed that the gaps in communication got longer and longer and I didn’t care enough to change it.

Every time we hung out I felt more and more like the odd one who didn’t belong. I don’t think that was his intention but that’s how I felt. Looking back, the only thing we had in common was that we were both held up in the same building for 4 years and nothing more.”

20. Low points

“We were there through our lowest points in life. I watched her body and life fall apart when she developed an unknown chronic illness in high school. She watched me fall apart when my “friends” and long term boyfriend abandoned me when my mother was dying. She saw me before I was broken and she saw me at my worst. I was there when her dog died. She was my family. Even now if she needed me I would ignore all the problems and go be there for her.

I know her chronic illness causes her to be very depressed. But after so many years of being the only one putting effort into the friendship I had to call it quits. I had suffered an attack from a family member, and had to leave my home. I was homeless for my birthday and her family let me stay on their couch – but she left me alone on my birthday during such a difficult time. She left to be with one of her friends from online – and they went and did all the stuff I always invited her to do but got told no. Going to theme parks, the beach – you name it. And she never did mention my birthday after it passed. That was the final sign I needed that she just didn’t want to be my friend anymore. I’ve cried a lot over that girl.”

21. Two birds with one stone

“Two of them at the same time actually. Have known them both since early grade school. They came to my place and then I drove us downtown. We were bar hopping but ended up at a show. None of us were messed up yet so I asked “hey can one of you guys drive? I wanna take this Molly. But I’m not going to if y’all can’t drive.” My buddy grabs my keys and assured me he’ll be good to drive. So I dove in.

Well, I had a bad reaction and got sick. So we left. Once we hit my car, I laid down and blacked out. Next thing I know, one of my other friends who went to the show was knocking on my window.

Turns out, they got too drunk, UBER’d back to my place, and got their cars. Instead of taking me home, they left me blacked out in the back of my car in the middle of downtown. They literally took an Uber to my home. And they didn’t take me.

I have not spoken to either since and will more than likely never do so again. These are supposed to be my ride or die bro’s. If they wanted to keep drinking, they shouldn’t have taken my keys. And once that mistake was made, they could’ve f**king got me home safely. But instead they left me alone and unconscious in the back of my car. I could’ve been robbed, my car could’ve been nabbed, I could’ve been nabbed by the fuzz, etc.”

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22. Creeper

“I was best friends with a girl from grade 4 to grade 7.

A few years ago I ran into her parents at my brothers birthday party.

The Dad got super drunk and started hitting on me hard.

I’m married and I was there with my young children.

It was at my brother’s house and the guy’s wife was right there!

Even then my brother still had to come save me.”

23. Accused

“I practically lived over at my friends house from my mid to late teens. They were a devout Pentecostal family and his dad was treasurer of their church.

I go over to their house, walk in and both parents are immediately in my face. “DID YOU TAKE MONEY FROM US!!” Someone broke into their roll top desk and nabbed $2k from the church funds. They accused me, then the mother broke down and started crying.

Sitting on the couch, hands in her face balling. Then they all started praying for the return of the money. Then they prayed over me for guidance to do the right thing. I thought, WTH! What they didn’t know was that their son, my friend, had his eye on a $2k Nikon F3 camera for a few months and his parents wouldn’t buy it for him.

What really blew my mind was he bought the camera and they never suspected him of taking the money.

And he never apologized to me for it.”

24. Sad

“I was friends with this boy and we would go to his house after school and his mom would watch me til my mom was done with work. Well one day we get to his door and there is a note on it saying we need to go to my house. The weird thing was that there was loud music coming from inside…

We went to my house and waited and my step dad and mom came home soon after.

My mom obviously found that weird so she ran over there and come to find out his mom tried to commit sui**de. It was really sad but she seemed to have gotten help and gotten better. But it was an experience I would never forget.”

25. Bummer

“Senior year of high school, I asked out a girl right before school ends for the summer. She said she wanted to stay friends. Bummer, but at least I’ll never kick myself for not trying.

I was still invited to her graduation party at her house so I went, as I also enjoyed being friends with her regardless of any romance. At the party her dad met me in the kitchen and patted me on the back saying “Bummer about her saying no. If it was up to me you’d already be my son-in-law.” Not sure how to respond I awkwardly laughed and said thanks.

Not 20 minutes later he walked into a shed outside and asked us teenagers if we wanted to see a magic trick. He then proceeded to pull a dove out of his pants. A living, breathing dove.

The guy was/is one of the nicest people I’ve met, but I never knew what he was going to say or do next.”

26. Hi there

“I was coming back from the annual county fair with a childhood friend and his cousin, heading to my friend’s house. Unfortunately I got really sick at the fair and was sprawled out in the back of my friend’s cousin’s car trying my best not to puke everywhere. (It didn’t help that we live out in the mountains so the drive was unbearable)

Out of desperation for my stomach pain to pass, I didn’t even turn on the lights when I got to his house and literally fell onto the bed in the dark only to find his dad under me snoring.

Apparently my friend’s dad was staying up waiting for us to get home and fell asleep on his bed. I obviously woke him up and he freaked out, turned on the lights and yup he was in his underwear.

When he saw it was us he laughed at the situation but it was definitely one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life. I’m just glad I didn’t throw up on him.”

27. It clicked.

“I’m an ex-friend of a sociopath.

I think it was when we were hanging out and we started arguing about me going to his house. I had left my wallet there and I told him this and told him we needed to go back so I could get it.

He then started claiming that his parents didn’t like me and didn’t want me at his house. He said since they weren’t home that would just make it worse. I just kept saying I need my d*mn wallet and that he could get it for me. He proceeded to call me selfish and a monster for arguing with him. Like he yelled it in my face at in a public area. I was shocked and had nothing to say.

Then he proceeded to act like nothing happened. Asking me if we should get food, etc.

I eventually got my wallet back from him. He didn’t spend any money of mine or anything, but needless to say we aren’t friends anymore.

Honestly I didn’t even consider him a sociopath until telling my therapist about how he manipulated me into thinking everything was my fault and how me being better mentally was never enough. She basically told me straight up he’s a sociopath and it clicked. He used me just to fill his ego.”

28. Remember?

“My lifelong friend’s dad is a nurse practitioner.

When I was 19 I lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time, so I went in to see him.

He gave me a rectal exam.

I’ll occasionally get a, “Hey, remember that time my dad stuck his fingers up your butt?” from my buddy.”

Yeah. I do.

And I loved it.

29. A “website”

“Friend’s dad who I was building a website for, and thus was in contact by email seemed to accidentally forward a PowerPoint with a bunch of super generic naughty videos copy and pasted into it, being shared by like 30 correspondents.

What it appeared to me was a bunch of old very not tech savvy guys thought copy and pasting porn into a PowerPoint was either the most efficient, or the most discreet way of sharing porn, and somehow I accidentally got added to the list.”

30. Drunk mom

“We picked up my friends mom one night at a bar cause she was drunk and on the way back she kept yelling “I’m not going to sleep with you you!” So I said, “Okay… then don’t you drunk b**tch!”

That was the strangest 1 hr ride of my life. We never talked about it again.

She might have not remembered. Either way, it was REALLY awkward.”

31. That’s weird

“In high school, my friend was dating a guy and we both were invited by him to his house.

His mom was super mean though and acted like us being there was awful. I rang the doorbell and was invited inside by the mom. I was there for an hour and had to go outside to get something out of my car. I came back inside and heard “UMEXCUSEME!” “I’m sorry, yes?” “You didn’t ring the doorbell before BARGING into my HOME.” “Oh I’m sorry, uuuh…should I go back outside?”

“We wait to be invited inside in this house.” I went back outside and the door was closed on me. I rang the doorbell and heard the Mom say “Who is it?” “Hi it’s Rustmutt here to see your son.” “Just a moment! opens door please come inside.”

Turns out every time you leave the house even for a second she expected the pageantry of a first invite.”

32. In it for the money

“A friend’s father was absolutely convinced that I was only friends with his daughter for money.

They weren’t exactly rich, maybe a tiny bit better off than we were, but it was impossible for him to know that. When her Dreamcast needed a new cable after one of her pets chewed through it, he came storming into her room while we were hanging out and demanded to know why I thought he would buy me something.

My friend had to jump in and explain that it was her cable, not mine. He’d complain if I spent the night because he had to feed me, like I was a stray cat. It was incredibly weird.

The worst part is he made extremely inappropriate jokes all throughout dinner when I was there.

I was maybe 14.”

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33. Dope head

“In 4th grade, my best friend lived just down the street from the school so we would regularly go hang out there after class.

Her mom was a dope head and her step-dad was a drunk and routinely during sleepovers we would hear them having very loud s*x.

My friend told me one day she had found a huge orange vibrator in her mom’s room and then explained to me what, in fact, that was.

A couple weeks later we walked over after school to find the house littered with bright orange shreds…the family boxer had found her mom’s vibrator, too.”

34. That’s a no

“A dad of one of my friends kept urging me to come over and sit in his hot tub with him.

My friend wasn’t there at the time.


I mean… what in the actual f**k?!

Never told my friend because I didn’t want things to be weird.

35. Man talk

“We were white water rafting in Maine. I was in a truck with my friend, a different friend’s dad, 2 ~ten year old boys going to the pickup spot at the end of the rafting route. I’m in the passenger seat and the dad is driving. I was about I was about 17 at the time, and the topic of “being a man” came up. He talked about how sometimes you just need to follow your dreams. We’re all listening at this point.

He then tells us this isn’t his first life. Told us he moved to the west coast when he was real young and started a family. Wife, kids. He said liked them decently enough but he wanted to get more out of life.

So one day he went out to pick up some milk and never went back.

I don’t know how the kids in the truck took the story, but my friend and I were pretty WTF the rest of the trip.”

36. Every single hair on my body stood straight up.

“I remember from a very early age that my mom would just stand in the entrance to my room with a knife. This didn’t happen very often, maybe 2-3 times a year.

When I was 9, I finally asked her why she would do this. I’ll never forget how she said this. She looked me dead in the eyes and said that I was a mistake and she was deciding if she “should do what she should have done a long time ago”. I asked to move in with my grandma a week later.

Thinking about how she said it still gets my heart racing 22 years later. I don’t know if I can accurately describe it but every single hair on my body stood straight up. I was paralyzed with fear and I felt like if I moved too suddenly she would strike.

Backstory: Mom had me when she was 16 and regularly told me that I ruined her life. She was a habitual drug user and alcoholic. She told me that if she had the money she would have had an abo**ion.”

37. Completely dead in the face and eyes.

“I dated someone who I now believe is a sociopath.

The most uncomfortable thing while we were dating was the he would constantly whisper things in my ear in public (in earshot of other people) like, “Do you think I look hot right now?” or “Do you think I’m cool?” And the first few times I thought he was joking so I laughed, and he’d get angry. He wanted a serious answer, he wanted me to tell him how much I wanted to jump his bones right there in front of all of our friends, while they were watching and listening. I’d get lectured afterwards like, “You know, you really insulted me personally when you laughed at me in front of everyone.”

He could also cry on cue to get what he wanted and as soon as he got what he wanted, it would instantly switch off and he’d turn very serious and tell me what a horrible person I was. The instant emotional switches are disarming.

When he broke up with me I went from being his favorite person in the world to instantly at the very bottom of his s**t list. He laughed when I cried on multiple occasions calling me ridiculous.

What’s very alarming about people like him is how many people they can get on their side with their charm. None of his current friends know anything about his behavior behind closed doors. And they’re all new people, all the people who “caught on” when we were dating are gone from his life. He has convinced his new friends that I’m a psychopath because I tried to tell others what happened so whenever I say anything about what a creep he is, I get brigaded by the new people who are now being manipulated.

Also he is completely dead in the face and eyes until you interact with him and then it’s like he becomes animated.”

38. I think my friend was about to off him.

“I have a friend who’s a pathological liar. He’s also mostly Scottish in heritage – northern Scotland, where the Viking influence is. He’s 6’8, 350 lbs when he’s watching his weight, 400+ when he isn’t and there is a lot of muscle to go with everything else.

The lies aren’t all that awful most of the time – he’s known as a very entertaining storyteller and everyone knows he’ll embellish greatly from time to time. But he can’t keep a girlfriend – apparently he can’t be honest, is a pathological cheater, the lies catch up with his relationships in a few weeks at most.

One day we were in a taxi together and he got the idea that the driver was taking a route that was unnecessarily long. He stopped the cheerful story he was telling me mid-sentence. His face changed and he barked at the cab driver in a voice I’d never heard, loud and angry and aggressive. The cab driver immediately pulled over and let us out with out paying, and a good thing too – I think my friend was about to off him. I was petrified in my seat – I felt like he might off everyone in range, I was terrified.

It was the last time I spent time with him, though I’d known him for 20 years. I later learned that he won’t associate with someone after they’ve “seen him snap,” as one of his other ex-friends put it.”

39. Living with her was a nightmare.

“My sister feels nothing but rage. When she doesn’t feel rage, she feels, literally, nothing.

She spends her life manipulating everyone around her and satisfying that rage. She mercilessly roughed me up when I was growing up. She tried to off me three times before I moved out. No one believed me. Because I was older and larger, I was always considered to be the aggressor, even when I was being violently attacked in my sleep.

Living with her was a nightmare. The most uncomfortable moment between us wasn’t something she did to me. It was something I considered doing to her.

I’d been sent up to the crawl space to get an ornament. You could only access it from a ladder in the garage. When I grabbed it and turned around, she was at the top of the ladder, staring at me. There wasn’t any room for her to come up, she was just waiting there. Staring. She told me to get out of the way, and I told her I couldn’t. There wasn’t room for two people in the crawlspace. She’d have to go back down the ladder. She immediately switched to rage. She said she hated me, and she wasn’t going to let me down from the crawlspace. It was 110 degrees in there, and I was already exhausted.

I remember thinking… she’s at the top of a ladder… over a cement floor… I could make this stop… I’d just say it was an accident… I’m only 12… no one would convict me…

As soon as I thought that, her face suddenly went blank, and she went back down the ladder.”

40. Thank you?

“One time I’m at my friend’s house and his father comes up to me and he asks if I want anything to drink.

I politely ask if I could have a glass of water. Dead serious he responds with ‘oh sorry I don’t think we have any water. Would you like some pasta instead?’ Thinking its some kind of joke I say sure.

He goes into the kitchen and comes back a little later with a drinking glass full of spaghetti and hands it to me before going back to what ever he was doing.

Needless to say, I was quite confused.”

And there you have it, folks! Insane stories about friends that nobody should ever have happened, but we’re so glad they did.

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