The internet is a place of such rich and thorough irony, but it’s also a place chock full of good old fashioned dumb statements.

In the torrent of both, it’s often difficult to tell who’s trolling, and who just genuinely said something bafflingly thick. Do I laugh? Do I laugh at? Do I laugh with? Or should I just leave it be?

Judge for yourself whether these ten real posts are the real deal, or clever trolls.

10. You only get one shot

This opportunity comes one in a lifetime, YOU BETTER –

9. State of mind

I’d call this a troll but I think a lot of the U.S. electorate might not even get the joke.

8. Barraco Barner

Did you just step out of a time machine that visited every point in the last decade at once?

7. Gender reveal party

Um. Wish granted?

6. This is a story all about how…

The bombshell we’ve all been waiting for.

5. You’re going too fast

Just stick to the Twitters and the fakes that you’re used to.

4. Where have you been

Not sure this falls under the umbrella of “indie.”

3. Rosetta Stone

This doesn’t translate well, no matter what.

2. Happy birthday

He’s only off by a few billion, cut him some slack.

1. Dying wish

Let’s hope you never have to decide, then.

Personally, I put six of these as trolls and four as genuine. But I’ll keep which is which to myself…

What do you think, though?

Give us your assessment in the comments.