Twitter user Rubba Band Grant caused a bit of a stir on when he mused out loud about the “cheapest” thing he’d ever done:

As a lot of people were eager to point out, that’s not so much “being cheap” as it is just “stealing tires.” Not that we’re snitches here. We’re gonna give Grant the benefit of the doubt and assume this was made up for entertainment purposes only. And we’ll extend that benefit toward all the Twitter replies that followed which had…dubious legality.

Here’s a few ways people apparently skirt the system to save some cash.

10. Water, water everywhere

This is a perfect example of how you can be clearly deceitful without technically lying.

9. Up close and personal

If you’ve got those kinds of photoshop skills *on a phone* then I’ve got mad respect.

8. Pole vaulting

Oh my God…I’m so tempted…

7. Inspired / expired

You’d think their barcode scanners would be smarter than that.

6. The switch

Well done.

5. What a tool

Walmart will pretty much take anything back, they don’t care.

4. Book ’em

Pretty hard to feel sympathy for either Amazon or the textbook industry.

3. Signed, sealed, delivered

You gotta wonder how often people do this.

2. Free means free!

Seems kind of sad and ridiculous that they wouldn’t just give their employees a free sandwich on their lunch break anyway.

1. Since delivert

Didn’t they have some way to like, check your order though?

We’re not saying we endorse any of these methods. We’re not saying we don’t, either. WE AIN’T SAYIN’ NOTHIN’, YA HEAR?

Do you have a method like this?

Tell us in the comments. We won’t judge.