Ok, if you’re bored, I’ve got a very strange game that I think you’ll enjoy.

See, there’s this instagram account called @siblingsordating and they do exactly what their name implies, they throw up pictures of people who are either siblings or in a relationship, and then you gotta guess which one.

It may seem easy at first, but a lot of these can be pretty deceptive. Take your guess and then swipe to the second picture in the series to reveal the answer. I’ve included my guesses as well.

10. Outdoor vibes

I’m gonna say these are Siblings? The skin tone looks a little different, but the facial features are a match.

9. Red hair don’t care

Siblings for sure. Right?

8. Flexin’ on ’em

It’s less that I *think* they’re dating and more that I *hope* they are.

7. On the beach

Hmm. The pose says dating, the smiles say siblings. I’m…gonna say siblings.

6. Beards for days

Two strapping gents with a sense of style. My guess is dating.

5. Those eyes

It’s a little counter-intuitive, but I think these are siblings.

4. Throwback

Siblings or I’ll eat my hat.

3. Wholesome smiles

The face, the hair, the expressions? They gotta be related.

2. Bear hugs

That’s the smile of a big brother, I just know it.

1. The big event

So hard to say. Dat…ing?

How did you do? I got exactly half of them right, so 50%. That’s a failing grade. Sure hope I never have to do this in a high-stakes situation, I’d be screwed.

How good was your score? Which ones surprised you?

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