David Bowie is known as much for his vivid personas as he is his music. His career spanned many phases, with different looks and styles and attitudes. And for some reason, people have started to notice that those styles often correspond with different species of sea slug, and there’s a whole Tumblr about it, because of course there is.

Check out these comparisons and enjoy some fun facts about both David Bowie and Sea Slugs along the way! (Via the good folks at Mentalfloss.)

15. Super Green

David Bowie is a stage name, he was born David Robert Jones.


14. Hypercolored

There are more than 3,000 species of sea slug.


13. Staredown

As a teenager, Bowie was pals with Elton John.


12. The Orange

Despite their intensely colorful displays, sea slugs themselves are colorblind.


11. Neon Spots

As a young man, Bowie established “The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-Haired Men.”


10. Sparkly

Sea slugs are hermaphroditic.


9. Tuxedo Time

His hit song “Space Oddity” was released just nine days before the Apollo 11 moon landing.


8. Bold in White

Sea slugs don’t live too long – under a year, regardless of species.


7. Slugs and Spots

In 1996 Bowie became the first major artist to release an internet-only single with this song “Telling Lies.”


6. Luminous Blues

There’s one particular species known as a “sea bunny.”


5. Silvery Slivers

Bowie would often read a book a day.


4. Maximalism

Some sea slugs can photosynthesize.


3. Mugshot

A lock of Bowie’s hair once sold for over eighteen thousand dollars.


2. Red

The bright coloration of the sea slug is a warning to predators – “stay back, I’m toxic.”


1. Fiery Red and Purple

Despite rumors to the contrary, David Bowie did not have heterochromia, his eyes were both blue.


I feel like I know a lot more about both subjects – but am still not sure why they correspond so well. Maybe some mysteries just aren’t meant to be solved.

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