During a recent move, most of the stuff I no longer wanted/needed, I just threw out. It was a shame, really, because there was stuff in there that I probably could have sold off and found a nice new home for had I not been so pressed for time.

The few items I did decide to list proved almost more trouble than they were worth. After days of back and forth with several people over some speakers, for example, I ended up handing it off at the last minute for what was, in retrospect, probably a lot less than they were worth.

But at least I didn’t have to deal with people like the ones in these screenshots…

11. Trigger happy.

You sound way too excited to sue somebody.

10. Half off!

“I’d like to buy your product but could you also do a bunch of extra work on it first and then charge me less as a result?”

9. Simp

Did you just try to “I know you are so what am I” your way into switching buyer and seller?

8. A clean break.

Maintaining a pool costs several thousand dollars a year, a bottle’s worth of tap water is like a penny.

7. The ol’ switcheroo.

Hey, at least he tried.

6. That’ll do, pig.

Yeah, I’m cuttin’ you off for your own good.

5. Sob stories.

As always, if they claim they can get it cheaper somewhere else but they don’t go somewhere else, they’re lying.

4. It’s my cash and I want it now!

You really don’t understand how this works, do you?

3. How wonderful!

Weird how every single person trying to buy something frivolous on the internet also happens to be going through a rough time that very moment.

2. Cars for kids.

Depending on how good of shape the car is in, this might actually not be that awful of a trade…

1. Mowed over.

Once again, the tragedy gambit fails.

Remember: don’t waste people’s time out there. Haggle, sure. But don’t be these folks.

Do you have a nightmare sales story?

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