Sometimes I stare at memes for so long that I begin to think there’s some secret meaning behind them. Like perhaps they’re not just little internet macros spreading across the planet because of common interests and entertainment fads – maybe they’re really some heretofore inscrutable source of ultimate wisdom with which humanity may finally become what it needs to be.

…or maybe they’re funny pictures, I don’t know.

Better keep staring at some more of them to find out.

10. The great attack

Probably there’s something new in there since I last checked it an hour ago.

9. Three cheers!

When all else fails, give ’em the stink eye.

8. Public nuisance

Thanks to the way things have been recently, I’m required to do this less and less and I kind of dig it.

7. Button it up

Never fear jeans, you’ll be traded out for a larger pair soon enough.

6. A fresh start

Every side of the bed is the wrong side when you hate your life.

5. Gimme the grub

Ceasely refreshing the little map, wondering why the car is going in the wrong direction.

4. Cooking tips

It’s great for flavor and repelling any secret vampires.

3. Memory of memory

Can I just trade my brain in for a new one, please?

2. Eye see you

A horse is a horse, of course, of course, unless it’s this.

1. Little bites

They really broke the mold when they came up with me.

Tell me your secrets, memes…I must know them.

Did you catch any hidden meaning in those?

Tell us in the comments.