Good evening, and welcome to our museum. I’ll be your tour guide. Please don’t touch anything, and hold your questions until the end. Because you WILL have questions. Lots of them.

You see, our current collection comes from the Terrible Art in Charity Shops Facebook group, where artist find works in thrift stores and the like, and then remake them.

Journey with us through these fine pieces, and appreciate a bit of art today.

15. Captain Barko

Ce n’est pas un chien avec une pipe.

14. The Holy Tooth

A reflection on faith and face alike.

13. Oh My God

On the trial of our Lord, and how generally annoyed he was by the whole thing.

12. Judgement Day

How will you stand before what’s coming?

11. Portrait of Lips with Man

Beware his kiss for it is a kiss of death.

10. The Stare

Seen right, the vicious antagonist of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

9. Hat By Evening Light

What secrets does she hold beneath her cap?

8. Artistic Inception

Perhaps we are all a lady within a lady within a lady.

7. Monga Lina

The human condition is that of a slowly transforming egg.

6. Monkey Business

He who has ears, let him hear.

5. The Tamer Lion

A visit from your nightmares.

4. Strained Glass Window

When you’re feelings are flat out wrong.

3. Under the Cheetah

Some things humans were never meant to see.

2. Mountain Majesty

Never has birb been so much the word.

1. It Lives

She hungers – she demands the peperoni.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tour. Please feel free to leave a donation on your way out so we can continue sharing these masterpieces with the world.

What’s the worst art you’ve ever seen?

Tell us in the comments.