Everybody’s had a nightmare boss at some point in their lives, and while the dish varies, the ingredients are generally the same. You’ve got ego, entitlement, a power complex, total ignorance of how things actually get done, and sprinkle in a dash of completely unnecessary cruelty to taste.

Unfortunately, most of us never get the satisfaction of seeing the nightmare boss get their comeuppance, but one Reddit user on r/MaliciousCompliance did, and the story is quite a ride from start to finish.

If you’ve ever fantasized about what would happen when the rude hid the fan in your office, read on.

Chapter 1: The Paper Trail

Chapter 2: Slow Connections

Chapter 3: Data is Transient

Chapter 4: Office Management

Chapter 5: The Replacement

Chapter 6: I Shouldn’t Have Hired You

Chapter 7: Off to a Bad Start

Chapter 8: Form a Barrier

Chapter 9: Wouldn’t You Know It?

Chapter 10: A Class Act

Chapter 11: I Should Buy Him a Cake

Epilogue: I Work Fast

Epilogue: You Know What, Nevermind

Epilogue: How Dare You Question the Boss

If there were some kind of award for sticking it to the man, I would nominate this anonymous Reddit user. You’re out there doing God’s work, friend.

What’s the worst boss you’ve ever had?

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