Hey you! If you know how to read and you’re above the age of 21, you’ve likely been in school at some point in your life. So… you qualify as a former student! Congrats!

That means you’ll seriously relate to what these 12 people on AskReddit had to say about what they consider the most useless piece of information that they learned in school.

Let’s take a look!

1. What do we actually use this for?

“I’m a firm believer that a good general knowledge makes you a better person, and that schools shouldn’t be factories producing corporate slaves.

But I’ve never used any of the physics, chemistry or biology in my career and I remember how hard it sucked having to learn all of it.”

2. Unhealthy disinfo

A lot of the things taught in health class/s*x ed were complete nonsense. Especially when it came to pregnancy. You have 24-ish hours once a month to fertilize an egg. On average you ovulate two weeks after your period.

You have a short window that you’re fertile and that gives you a 20% chance of conceiving IF you get your timing right.

And no you can’t get pregnant on your period. Your uterus is shedding the entire lining with the DEAD egg.

S*x Ed made it seem that if you get a TINY bit of pre cum you can get pregnant. Pre cum rarely contains live sperm cells.”

3. This f**king guy…



It wasn’t even meant to be read it’s meant to be acted out.

It’s so hard to understand and it’s just boring (in my opinion).”

4. No! Not allowed!

“Religion classes are the worst.

They’re not allowed in public schools, but I went to a private Catholic school.

There’s nothing more supportive to atheism than mandatory religion classes.

For reals.”

5. Filler education?

“Just about 99% of the stuff taught after learning basic reading, writing, and math.

Most of it was useless fluff to waste 12 years.”

6. Why did I have to learn this?!.


Was told that we would use it for the rest of our lives.

Then they shelved the subject halfway through elementary school.”

7. Teeth facts!

“That George Washington had wooden teeth.

Actually he had teeth from slaves.

He bought them.

So that’s fun.”

8. No, resumes aren’t written like that.

“How to write a resume.

While I think it’s great that resume writing is taught in high school, it’s taught completely wrong.

The idea of “Objective: To obtain a position as a X with Y company” is the fastest way for a hiring manager to throw your resume into the f**king trash.

A narrative summary of your qualifications and skills is much more suitable. For example:

“A top-performing Logistics, Contracting, and Project Analyst/Manager leading oversight of Contract Administration and Material Fielding Strategy for multiple (insert industry here) acquisitions. Valued as a skilled business advisor to leadership.

Expert in negotiations and strategic management. Adept in interpretation and application of Law and Regulation. Highly accomplished supervisor overseeing administration of large, complex, and unique procurement projects for (insert industry here). A recognized leader who mentors, trains, and motivates immediate employees and integrated product teams to achieve goals.

Highly adaptable, utilizing a variety of problem solving techniques.”

9. History lies!

“All the countless lies my history teachers told me.

When I turned 18 and 9/11 happened, I was shocked to learn that people around the world didn’t necessarily think the United states was the greatest thing ever.

Thanks teach!”

10. Columbus was always problematic.

“That Columbus was a hero who discovered America.

Granted this was 23 years ago, but still… everybody knew he was murderous a**hole.”

11. This teacher sounds dope!

“Boy oh boy, one of my middle school teachers (had him for multiple classes over two years) made us do the most useless/stupid things.

Some things we learned from him include juggling, ambidextrous cursive writing, Rube Goldberg machines, and obscure facts about DW-40.

Many afternoons were just spent on Sporcle.

In 2012, it was the 100th anniversary of the Titantic, so we spent the entire month of April learning about the Titantic, and had to submit a diary from a real/fictional person on the ship. After we handed them in, he said “Wow, I’m disappointed none of you wrote from the perspective of the boat itself.”

One time we had a practice lockdown (for those who don’t know, we hide from view of the classroom doors, turn off the lights, close the blinds, and wait for the all-clear from the school’s VP), and he told everyone in the first two rows of desks to hide behind the lab tables at the back of the class (as you’re supposed to do), but everyone in the back two rows of seats (myself included) could stay where they were. Of course, when the VP came in, we were told off for not hiding properly, and our teacher let us take the blame.

The kicker was at the end of grade eight, when the science teachers prepared a mock science exam to “prepare” us for high school. The day before the exam, this guy said, “Ok, take out your papers. This is a list of everything I didn’t teach you this year.” He essentially just ran through most of the year’s curriculum in about half an hour. And I definitely failed that mock exam.”

12. I suck at math.

“Advanced Mathematics.

Honestly if you do not study math or something that uses a lot of math directly after school in University, you will likely never use it again or at least have to look it up again anyway.

Granted, if number 2 is you it’s easier to relearn than to learn.

But I think the majority of people will fall into group 1, including me.”

So… those were some eye-opening, weird things people learned, right?

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