Alright, so, we Millennials aren’t the kids in the room anymore. The eldest of us are entering our 40’s now and the next generation has come into their own and are having a grand old time itemizing the things that are wrong with us.

I suppose this was inevitable.

Ok, Gen Z. Provide your constructive criticism and I’ll do my best to respond.

10. Ignorance is bliss

Because we don’t like what we don’t understand, in fact it scares us, and this monster is mysterious at least (kill the beast!)

9. Welcome to Flavortown

This is because we grew up with Twilight and are now afraid of sexy vampires.

8. The jitters

We need this because otherwise it’s a problem.

7. Whiskey business

But it sounds so much more sophisticated than just “alcoholic.”

6. Slice of life

Well everybody friggin’ loves pizza, so.

5. Office politics

In my case it’s Futurama, but fair enough.

4. I owe ya one

I’d say we think of it as more of a curse under which we constantly labor but ok.

3. A clean break

It’s the maximum level of luxury most of us can afford.

2. ‘Till death

What about having a shared Facebook account? Is that anything?

1. Clap back

Oh boy. The gauntlet is down. How ever will we respond.

Look, we’re a mess. We know. If it’s war you want, you’re gonna find yourself disappointed, because you have no idea how tired we are, and how easily we will surrender. Just leave us with our body pillows and our booze and you can have the rest. Good luck.

What’s something you’ve noticed about Millennials?

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