Have you ever had a secret you just couldn’t share with anyone, even your partner? If so, you’re not alone.

Check out this prompt on the r/AskMen subreddit:

What’s a secret you can’t share with your significant other? from AskMen

The answers from these guys were all over the place and very revealing. Here are just a few:

1. “Ending.”

That I contemplate ending the relationship.

– crazyaunt0

2. “Our sex life.”

That i am unhappy with our sex life.

Also i hate that i cant have a deep and meaningful conversation with him.

– vanzari

3. “If my wife knew…”

I still have a few articles of clothes my ex bought me.

If my wife knew, she’d give me sh*t every time she saw me wearing them, and would definitely doubt that I didn’t still feel anything for her when I wore them

But there is absolutely zero sentimental value in them, I just like the shirts

– no-se-nada

4. “It’s too new.”

That I love her.

It’s too new of a relationship and I don’t want to move it too fast but I am head over heels for this girl.

– Molokdrone

5. “I’ve lost all hope for me.”

That I’ve lost all hope for me. Im close to graduating college but my grades aren’t that great and i have no idea what i want to do with my life if i even can do anything with it.

I worry everyday about the future and i pray to god i dont f*ck hers up

– A_Trash_Homosapien

6. “She’s made me mature.”

99% of all good in my life comes from her. She’s made me mature in so many ways. Made me want to take better care of myself. Improved so much of my life just by being in it.

Her saying yes when I proposed was genuinely the happiest I have ever been. I can go from infuriated and pissed off with work or anything but seconds after speaking with her I’m happy cheery and we’re both cursing out my coworkers or other branch workers together or she’s making me laugh or smile somehow.

The issue being I’m always a pessimistic person and now the fear weighs over me that if she goes all that goodness will go with her. Some nights I can’t sleep because of that worry. Normally I could use my pessimism to my advantage to be prepared for nearly all scenario’s in one way or another but this dread is just another level.

– Edolas93

7. “I have ADHD.”

That I have ADHD and getting medicated for it.

I’m in medical school and I’ve had doctor tutors who were meant to support me in getting through my degree minimize my issues and not believe it to be a real thing.

I’m terrified my SO will share this view so I’d rather keep it to myself. It’s been such a difficult “identity” to deal with as it is.

– laeriel_c

8. “Her high school experience.”

I don’t give a sh*t about her high school experience, and for the life of me cannot understand why she keeps dwelling on what-ifs from half a lifetime ago.

– Maimekterion

9. “What happened in combat.”

What happened in combat in Iraq. I don’t think she’d ever look at me the same again.

– Buckaroo_Banzai_

10. “I will just ghost this time.”

That her emotional affair sounds like it was far more special than what I ever gave her.

That if she says she wants to leave, I will just ghost this time and move to another country.

– amirk365

11. “I love her to bits, but…”

I make almost 100k USD more a year than she thinks I do, and triple her salary. I love her to bits, but she’s the worst person with money I have ever met in my life. If she had 800 dollars in her account, she would spend 700 and save the rest “just in case” until next pay day

I legitimately cannot live like that. That stress would absolutely kill me, I’m super happy knowing that I have enough money that no matter what happens we will be ok for a long time. She however would absolutely try to convince me to blow it on a lot of things we don’t need that she thinks we should be doing like a lavish wedding or get brand new cars or actually buy a house etc…

Also to be completely honest, when I “scrape together” money and spoil her I’m absolutely amazing in her eyes, when I feel like it would become completely meaningless to her if she knew how much less of an impact it made on my finances

– Leavemetomysleep

12. “I’m scared.”

That I’m scared of the future and I don’t know what I want.

– SupportKitten

13. “That is my fantasy…”

That I have a tickling fetish.

That it is my fantasy to tie her up and tickle her out of her mind.

– [user deleted]

14. “I’m bi.”

That I’m more bi than I expected. Lately I think about sucking a c*ck or two.

– [user deleted]

15. “I found out…”

I found out what her reddit username is, and I secretly upvote all of her posts / comments.

– ahorsenamedagro

Some pretty surprising stuff there. But hey, we’re not here to judge. Best of luck to all of ’em.

What’s a secret you’ve had to keep from someone you love?

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