There’s a feeling that I’ve never heard a specific word for. It’s a surprising and confusing and exciting and scary sort of feeling.

It’s…well, it’s this thing so aptly expressed on Reddit.

What did your friend do that accidentally turned you on? from AskReddit

Turns out this feeling is not rare.

It’s been experienced by thousands of people on Reddit who chimed in to tell us how it went down.

Here are a few of the top comments from guys on what their female friends did that unexpectedly got them going.

1. A push to the chest.

I was cracking jokes with a coworker and when she laughed at something I said she pushed at my chest in that “Oh stop it you!” kinda way.

Whoooooo boy I damn near melted right then and there.

– FBI_Official_Acct

2. A borrowed sweater.

Was on the bus for a field trip in high school. I was a little late. The only open seat was next to my crush. I was in grad 12 she was in grad 11. It was a 6 hour round trip. And the person you sat with was your partner for the entire trip. She had a tank top and wasn’t wearing a bra. It was a bit chilly on the bus. On our way back she was cold and didn’t bring a sweater.

I had a long sleeve on so I handed her my sweater. She put it on and snuggled into me and fell asleep. So cute. When we got back to town I offered a ride home. We ended up making out in her driveway. A week later I got my sweater back asking for a refresher of my smell. The sweater smelt just like her. I asked her on a date that day.

We dated for 2 years.

– kshep303

3. A warm embrace.

I came back from freshman year college to visit high school and walked into the auditorium, where an incredibly cute girl I was friends with saw me, stopped what she was doing and literally ran up the aisle and jumped into my arms to hug me.

– davidjschloss

4. Three simple words.

She was the popular girl in our class. She said “i love you” to me as a friend (i think anyway or im just incredibly f*cking dense).

I didn’t like her but it still made my heart flutter

– Flame_Draconic

5. A hand to hold.

Held my hand for a few seconds.

Just happened a few days ago, she was driving and we held hands for a while. I’m still evaluating why that had such an impact on me.

– IAmBellpepper

6. Take a seat.

Really cute girl I had a crush on sat in my lap on the school bus headed home because “there weren’t enough seats.”

This same girl also told me “I don’t EVER ask guys out because that’s their job.” Holy sh*t I was so STOOOPID!!

– TurboGauge

7. Play with my hair.

As a guy I decided to fall asleep on a close friends lap who then proceeded to stroke my hair and lightly pulling it.

It was really hard to fall asleep cause I was more worried that I’d get a boner from that.

– earxenz

8. Don’t let go.

A group of us went to a firework display and during the usual louder and bigger finale fireworks she jumped, grabbed my arm tight and didn’t let go.

Not sure what happened inside me but yeah, that did it.

– StAnger99

9. Sweet as cake.

I had this friend that while having long phone call sessions, she used to talk to me in this seductive sounding Colombian accent and called me “bizcocho” witch is cake in Spanish.

Never thought being called a dessert would be hot… or maybe I’m just weird.

– monkey_D_v1199

10. Showing you care.

She dried my motorcycle seat with her sleeve while I was putting my helmet on.

– neotoxicfr

11. There are lessons to be learned.

We were in some math class in high school and she was tutoring me mid class. She was leaning over next to me as I was sat down and she had her hand on my back.

She was almost whispering into my ear how to figure out this problem. Something about her voice was so soothing and arousing.

It was very sensual and I still think about it often.

– UnofficialPaul

12. A simple expression.

I told her a joke and she smiled so much, looked at the ground then gave me a “You’re so funny” look.

I honestly wanted to date her since then, its been 3 years and I’m still thinking of her

– M3x0r4x

13. A change of plans.

We were hanging out with a bunch of people and moving from one location to the next. She asked to ride with me in my car since I was solo.

When she got in my car she told me to wait and leave the parking lot last. Then she said “let’s ditch everyone and just go somewhere else. Just you and I”.

– CarneAsada69

14. You always remember your first.

Girl was really affectionate and hugged everyone.

When she got to hugging me I was really awkward so i admitted that i had never hugged a girl before, she said and I quote “it’s fine I’ll be your first time”.

All my friends were laughing at how that sounded and high school me was rock hard.

– Cynicalreaper

15. On the level.

Had a friend who got a tattoo on the back of her neck.

Decided to kneel down in front of me so I could see it.

Never been so happy for willpower in my life.

Last thing I needed was her turning around to find a tent.

– TimedRevolver

I gotta say, it’s telling how clueless guys can be that many of these stories of CLEAR flirting were interpreted as “accidental.” Will we never learn?

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